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KING Wasiu Ayinde is arguably the father of modern fuji music.  Recently, he hosted the cast and crew of the multi-million naira movie production, Eko, The Blessing of Olofin, where he is acting as a king.  In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on the rumoured strained relationship between him and his frontman, Percy Ademokun and sundry issues…

It’s interesting to know you are a member of the cast and crew of this movie.  How do you feel?

I feel great and happy.  As an artiste, it’s a great crossover.  I am familiar with the terrain.  When I got the script, I was delighted because it’s an epic movie.  I see it as a privilege to be part of the cast.  It’s a source of education.  And I offered myself as a means to educate the generation on our heritage.

Percy Ademokun

Percy Ademokun

What’s your role in the movie?

I am Oba Aduwo.

You recently released an album, State of the Nation.  What motivated it?

The message is that it’s our collective responsibility to ensure the country stays united, salvaged and ensure that our heritage and future is paramount to us.  We should not lose sight of our common responsibility.

It was also a special dedication?

Yes, to the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona.


The reason is he has attained greatness and he is a good role model.  He established that institution passionately like a sacrifice. He was called upon to serve when he was on his way to pursue his career.  He sacrificed that to serve his people. He was in his early 20s.  And he has been saddled with the responsibility of the voice of his people.

Why did you feature Olamide and your daughter?

If you look at that track, it’s about the state of the nation.  It was aimed at giving hope to the hopeless and make those asleep to wake from their slumber.  It’s entitled, Nigeria must not scatter.  About myself and my daughter, Honey, it was aimed at introducing her to the world.  It’s a statement that my family is equally blessed.  Just like the Fela Kutis.  She is not the only one, I have about five of them doing music.  I chose Olamide because of his dexterity, seriousness and a brighter future.  I see the mantle of leadership in his hand.

How will you describe your relationship with other fuji acts?

My responsibility is beyond fuji but the music industry generally. I will continue to be a champion of good cause among the younger ones.  Even flies and ants have their headship.

What has really kept you going?

The secret is simply God and I am blessed.  It’s my own calling.

You are All Progressives Congress (APC) musician, what’s your plan for 2015?

My status in the society should be truthful.  Things have not been moving in the right direction nationally. The minority is rejoicing while the majority is suffering and that’s the reverse of a good country. I am a democrat and not tribalistic and that’s why I affiliate with APC.  Having travelled far and wide, I expect the best for Nigerians like in Canada where I reside and given a second chance. Nigeria is self-centred and I want a happy Nigeria.  We have seen the best PDP can offer.  Let’s see what APC can do.

What motivates your sense of fashion?

It’s important to look good and fit.  It shows you have a unique taste.

Percy Couture designs your clothes?

Yes, because it’s owned by our own Percy Ademokun.

There are rumours that you have parted ways with Percy, is it true?

First, Percy is an adult. He has worked with me for over 17 years.  If a man thinks I have put in enough and wants to advance, he should have a rethink of what he has done over 17 years.  He is my brother, my everything and townsman.  We are bonded.  He is in and out.  When people think he is out he is in and when they think he is in, he is out.  My promoter called me from America and it was as a result of Percy’s directive about Euro tour and it has been signed.  That was Percy even when he is outside office.  That means he is in even while he is out.




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