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Mockery for Dino Melaye over call for N145 petrol protest

Senator Dino Melaye is not getting enough sympathy for his call to protest the unfair increase in price of petrol from N86.50 to N145.

Many observers are mocking the legislator for being out of touch with reality and silent on the indefensible jumbo pay of lawmakers.

Some even go as far as joking that his fleet of cars was the only reason he’s crying. That fueling them at N145 won’t be funny.

Here are some of the vehicles in his fleet…

Here is the full statement made by Senator Dino Melaye:

“My sincere advise is for the National Chairman of party to our party to suggest that the federal government immediately reverse the announced increase in the pump price of PMS. If after 7 days from Monday there is no reversal, I will mobilize Nigerians from all walks of life for the mother of all protest. This is not what we promised Nigerians. The time is not right and the negative effects will be unbearable. A word is enough for the wise.”

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Yusuf Abdulrahama Guy! Go sleep, may be you among the oil cabaa! Animal! Is saraki corruption you promise nigeria! We are be buying fuel in kogi state 200 naira after pay oil caabal why you didn’t come out!

Patrick Onaiyekan You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. You’re on your own man.

Sanni Majid Faced with practical reality, brave men will not be shy to shift ideological positions and embrace what they used to oppose. Some of the old opponents of subsidy removal will remain adamant out of sheer arrogance and fear of losing faithful admirers.

Meena Kaoje Bello Ode ni senator yi sha

Aina Adewale APC ıs a fantastıcally lyıng party.Come 2019 we wıll kı ck you guys out.I ve bın a staunch supporter but thıs one ıs ıt.

Lara Ogbonyomi Babatunde My dear Senator, trust me I will be in the fore front of the protest IF and ONLY IF, this protest was done in good faith. Where you out of the country when you and your colleagues were purchasing vehicles while Nigerians were ‘tightening our belts”? Was that the change you promised us? Please let us organise this protest AFTER you are able to inform us about the NASS budget. Thank you.

Adele Emmanuel Mr senator go n sleep wat have u done for ur own pple

Obinna Aguh Now my leader has spoken

Desmond Adex hmmmmmmmmmmm this is unbearable

Ologbonsaye Gabriel S I hope you will take time to read all the comments. We are no fools! Between March and April, some of but fuel at 250/L. Where were u then? Now that u can no longer benefit from the subsidy, you want to kick against it. Let the subsidy be removed and let those benefitting from it hug transformer.

Ayodeji Muritala Salau PA To Senator Saraki, U Have Also Received Millions From Fuel Subsidy Cabals. When Were U When Are Buying Fuel For 250naira As Against The Normal 86.5? This Scam Must Stop. Who Is Deceiving Who, Dino Or FG?

Usman Akeem I think for the first time, I will agree with Sen. Dino, we all know that removal of fuel subsidy is long over due but the timing is very wrong cus this was the same reasons why we all went against GEJ. That there was no palliative in place before subsidy removal and now the case is even worse at this critical time when State government are owing salaries of 8 month, when Dollar is #350 to a dollar, when virtually everything is at a stand still. No light to even console our self. Pls don’t let us be sentimental. GEJ fail because they fail to tell him the Truth, if we all love PMB then we need to put him on the right track. They should have wait for 6month after signing the budgets to allow the economy stable first then they can now talk aboutj subsidy removal. We all know the fraud behind this subsidy but if we didn’t tread with caution, am afraid we might lose it completely. Let’s remember those that have not received salaries for months, those that can not get electricity to do their job again ooo.

Lara Ogbonyomi Babatunde Have we asked our state governors what they did with the bail out given to them? We need to always remember to hold out state governors, local government chairmen & councillors accountable.

Usman Akeem @Lara, I agree with you but this are the things that we suppose to tackle before subsidy removal. I believe we all have a role to play in making this country a better place.

Diamond Witty Sheva Even you? Who the hell are u to question the FG? You are not worthy to be call a leader. Senator my foot.

Nicholas Emeka another opportunity to fill ur account with money abi? never let a good crises go waste.

Gabriel Omang Did APC actually promise us Nigerians anything?

Benjamin Abayomi able senator we knew d impact u took in year 2012 but nw its ur party rulling. guess u r nt gonna kelp calm on dis if nt u are a great disapointment to ur people n d entire country. cause we votted u in cause we knew u got actions. but nw guess money has changed u. dis is nt d change we asked for wise up

Maryam Ometere hmmmm! party of deceit

Audu Collins Eimoga Is it because Dino is involved? The truth, he said. He has every right to challenge federal government. Is Buhari God? History will vindicate Dino and millions of Nigerians that expressed their fear in clear terms.

Yakubu Adeiza Yusuf Gbam,I support

DeGuvnor Egbele Bros Dino…on this one you are absolutely correct. Seems this has brought you back to the Dino we once knew. I’m already dressed for this!🖒

Alhadj Abdlrasak Hassan Dear Sen Dino, did you budgeted for fuel subsidy in Budget 2016? You are now a senator, stop playing to the gallery, move a motion or sponsor a bill for the reversal of the fuel hike. You don’t need to call for street protest. First protest on the floor of the Senate. QED.

Coded Dharey Nonsence post, u are only trying to get the attention of the people. If you have a sincere solution to the problem at hand you know who to air your voice to. Any one who follows you is just been foolinsh

Ogu Harrison I sincerely believe we need deregulation in petroleum industry and its now

Mesole Oladipupo Jude The effect of this will tell on innocent Nigerians, but Reviving a country does not come without pain GEJ had a vission when he did this in 2012, Subsidy has only enriched a few and thrown Nigerians into poverty, fuel is only sold at control price in Abuja, Lagos, PHC. Every other state capital is sold above N100, are we subsidising for only 3 cities? It will s time to re invest Subsidy money into more sensible sectors like health, transport and infrastructure, to create jobs and make life meaningful. Who buy car make him fuel him car, To hell with Subsidy, how long shall our Govt funds feed the cabal?



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