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– The stars that rule Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

– What makes them popular

They say when the beat changes, the dance steps change as well; this is true with Nigerian celebrities who are moving with the times.

Gone are the days celebrities needed face-to-face interaction to keep in touch with their legion of fans, all you need is a social media account, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

On parade here are the celebrities who pull massive followership and who move and shape the Nigerian social media space, taking into account Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…



Though on their me and my brother track years ago, they sang, as you see me and my brother eh, no be say we do pass o, no be say we sing pass o, but certainly, e be like say na we them bless pass.

The identical pair are the undisputed kings of social media among celebrities in Nigeria; on Facebook alone they have 2,618,690 likes. On Twitter, they have individual accounts with Peter having more followers with 913,074 more than double of Paul’s who has 424,534. On photo sharing platform Instagram, Peter has 529,000 followers, while Paul has 230,000. All together, 4,715,298 follow them on social media.

They constantly engage their fans and keep them up to date about the goings-on in their lives. They also put up interesting posts about their families.



The rise of Davido is best described as astronomical – from an unknown ‘trying to blow’ artiste who featured Naeto C on Back When in 2011 to Soul Train award nominee in 2014. That’s not all, he cleared almost all the awards on offer both in Nigeria and Africa in the same year following the success of Aye. This has significantly boosted his popularity on social media as he remains the only Nigerian celebrity with 1 million followers on Instagram; on Twitter he has 1,401,933 followers; while 1,543,180 people ‘like’ him on Facebook. This brings his following to 3,945,113.

The 22-year-old Babcock University graduate hogs the limelight, he shows off his latest material acquisitions from expensive cars to high-end wristwatches, and keeps his engaged with a constant stream of snaps and selfies on his social media.



The self-styled Starboy is truly one, whether it’s his album sales, song popularity or social media following. On Instagram, he is just behind Davido with 979,000 followers. He fares better on Twitter where he has 1,682,520; on Facebook he has 1,070,377 likes, totalling 3,731,897. The multi award winning artiste is very active on social media, he regularly posts updates on his engagements such as shows and new music. He also shares selfies with international music stars and snaps of his latest acquisitions be it shoes, cars and other stuffs.



All you need do to understand why she’s called Omosexy is take one look at her. The super-talented actress, mom-of-four childre, singer and philanthropist is one of the most popular and influential women not just in Nigeria, but also in Africa.

She is easily the most loved female celebrity with 2,522,176 likes on Facebook. She has 680,934 Twitter followers, while her Instagram has 279,000 followers, totalling 3,482,110. Omotola is an advocate on social media, she lends her voice to socio-economic matters like the abducted Chibok girls and others.



The Doro boss himself is no pushover when it comes to social media popularity with a total of 3,040,057 followers. On Facebook he has 1,079,626 likes; his Twitter is followed by 1,183,431 while on Instagram he is followed by 777,000.

His sense of humour which is seen in his memes and tweets and giveaways make him appealing on social media.



True to his Ejanla moniker, D’Banj is a ‘big fish’ in the social media ocean. Despite not recording much commercial success with his music in recent times, he has remained popular on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where he has 1,240479, 1,333,555 and 345,000 respectively. With these figures, his social media stands at 2,919,034



Who wouldn’t want to follow a dashing lady like Genenieve Nnaji? Genny may have been in public space for long, her star power has not diminished by any measure.

From her captivating pictures to her interesting tweets and posts, she keeps her followers and even pulls in more.

They show their love for her with loads of retweets and likes. On Twitter, she has 893,981 followers; 1,257,121 is the number of her Facebook likes. Her Instagram is followed by 718,000 people. Overall, 2,869,102 people follow her.



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