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Stars flaunting their wealth on social media

Following the controversies surrounding the social media, it has continued to be the comfortable avenue for celebrities to air their views and showcase their wealth. Due to the fast growing nature of the Nigerian entertainment industry, many celebrities now have the financial capacity to acquire latest cars, homes, embark on trips for vacations… and all these are usually uploaded on social media on a daily basis.
Social media has become the platform of choice for the nation’s celebrities to exhibit their wealth on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Internet users who regularly go through the pages of social media platforms and blogs, get to see the way celebrities flaunt their newest found wealth, which gives onlookers false impression of how celebrities should conduct themselves.
The phenomenon has gone from the ordinary to the unexplained, where some of the celebrities display wads of cash or even upload bathing shots in their houses on social media. The trend has not only attracted fans of these celebrities to the different websites, but it has also highlighted the potency of social media.
However, when ENCOMIUM Weekly contacted some people on the grounds of anonymity, they said, ‘It makes social media very interesting and it inspires young positive minded individuals. On the other hand, a businessman was of the view that celebrities should be moderate in their activities, while another admitted that stars who are flaunting it are as well faking it.
Recently, the Nigeria Police have alerted Nigerian celebrities who flaunt their expensive acquisitions on social media to stop it as it heightens security risk and poses threat to their personality.
In view of the above, celebrities are advised to be cautious because there are so many persons looking up to them.
Below are some of the celebrities who flaunt their wealth on social media,

Tonto Dike is so much into social media as she is always seen to post an image on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, She recently flaunted her latest car.

The beautiful daughter of billionaire oil merchant, Femi Otedola is also into social media as she is into music, She is a disc jockey of repute. She is also popular for flaunting her father’s wealth on social media.

She is a lover of rich men and she once boasted of not having dated a poor man before. She always showcases her polished nails and expensive cars on social media.

Ebube is considered as one of the most fashionable of all female actresses and a social media freak. She likes to show off her jewelry and fashion accessories.

Susan Peters is a phone freak, she bought the latest Blackberry Porshe and she uploaded it on all social media.

Davido showcases his expensive Rolex wristwatches which cost several millions of naira, according to him.

Wizkid flaunts his Rolex Oyster and sky-dweller watch that cost about N7.4M

Kcee also showcases his submariner Rolex wristwatch which costs N1.7 million.

Dbanj shows off his wrist watch that goes for about $50, 000

The duo flaunt their multi-billion naira houses on every of their album they released and even on social media too.




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