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Popular car brands of Nigerians

Often times, we must have come across people debating on the most available car brands or sometimes the best and affordable cars for a start, putting into consideration fuel conservation, spare parts and mileage. Some people believe that Toyota has a low fuel consumption budget and quite easy to handle. Others believe the presence of Honda in the country is everlasting with a luxury subsidiary, while some dispute the fact that Lexus jeep and Toyota are ranking high.
As a matter of concern, people go for cars according to their taste and how best it suits them, considering its price, shape and even colour. However, some popular cars in Nigeria are: Lexus jeep, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, Peugeot, BMW, Chevrolet, Mazda, Mitsubishi, KIA, Hyundai, Ford and the list is endless but it will be complete with response from car dealers, owners and roadside mechanics. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with few Nigerians on their popular car brands.

I am a car owner, I bought my Ford car for about N800,000. Although, it is a second-new but I love the Ford range.

I am a car dealer as you can see, I cannot say that people buy just a particular brand. The man over there just completed his money for a Hyundai i10 for N990, 000. People have been coming to know the prices of cars here. We sold a Toyota coaster bus last week for N7.65 million.
Individuals have their own favourite car. I don’t know, I am not in their mind.

I would say my favourite car brand is Toyota, I love Toyota Camry but my dream car is Lexus Jeep, I love the GS brand and I know I will get it soon.

I don’t really have a particular brand in mind. I am just managing a Peugeot 406 salon car with my husband. We bought it for N35,450,240 million if I can still remember clearly.

People don’t talk about Hyundai anymore. I got my Hyundai i10 for close to a million naira and I’m still enjoying it till date.

As you can see, I’m a mechanic, people bring their faulty cars to me. I cannot mention all of them now because it’s not just a particular brand. As an experienced mechanic, I don’t find repairing cars difficult because most of the parts are within my reach.

I like the Sienna product because they are mostly convenient for me. I can carry a whole lot of people in my car without grumbling for space. I got my Sienna back then for about N2.5 million. I am not regretting it because I’m enjoying the ride.

I think Toyota Rav 4 (2010) is making waves. I have seen close to five today on the highway. People are really going for it because it is good and I think you can get it with less than N2.2 million. It is affordable too.

I am not a car freak, I think popular car brand of Nigerians is Toyota products, more especially Camry but I will prefer Ford ranger pick-up which goes for N3.6 million if I have the money. They are good.

I don’t have a personal popular car brand but I will like to advise Nigerians to go for Innoson products. My company just got a 15 seater bus (IVM) for N5,544,000. The vehicle is okay. Just give them a trial and you will appreciate them.




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