‘My business is based on customer satisfaction not profit’ – PELA OKIEMUTE

Pela Tonye Okiemute of Pels International Skincare is one of the most popular skin care experts in Nigeria today. He became even more popular when his pictures flooded the social media – the pictures where he was dark and when he got light skinned. The pictures got a lot of criticisms and side talks but all this did not move him, as he said in our last interview with him that it was a business strategy that has been very effective.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had another chat with the international businessman and he talked strictly business and how much the business has paid off…


How has business been so far?

I thank God, business has been very good.

What are the challenges in this line of business?

They say every business has its challenges. Presently, for me, there isn’t any challenge I have not been able to handle.

What do you think has kept your business thriving till date?

God first and then the effectiveness of our products, plus our efficient customer service.

How are you able to convince your clients that your products have no adverse effects on the skin?

Many have been using our products for a long time which includes me, and from others who have a little experience in skin care they’re sure of the products, based on the great results they get whenever they use our products.

What has been your ultimate business strategy?

Our ultimate business strategy is research. Along with our research team we always source for the best solution to every skin care issue, so I believe that keeps us on top of our game.

What do you do to keep your clients coming back?

We make sure we help our clients achieve their aim, which is to have a beautiful and a flawless skin.

How much richer has this business made you?

I said in my last interview that we are based on customer satisfaction not profit. Most times, we even bear losses in order to help clients achieve what they really want. But at the end when our client is happy, we know that person would be constant.

How do you handle the criticisms trailing your line of business?

To be honest, the criticisms don’t affect me one bit. I just laugh when people say, oh this person bleaches and all. It’s a matter of choice. One has to do everything possible to make sure they look beautiful, appreciate themselves, and be a king or queen in their own world. We do not just deal on skin lightening alone, we also smoothen skin, clear patches, spots or whatever the embarrassing skin issue is. So, we can make you happy whether you’re a man or woman.

How do you distribute around the world, do you have agents or distributors?

We have a distributor in the US now and also we deliver via courier services abroad.

What are your business plans for the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year we intend to surprise everyone and take them unaware with the new strategies we are working on. Just stay tuned.





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