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Chibok abduction extra – Amnesty International indicts Nigeria’s military

Counter-terrorism-soldiersGlobal human rights organization, Amnesty International (AI), on Friday, May 9, 2014, made a chilling revelation, indicting the Nigerian military for the kidnap of the Chibok school girls.

The group said the military had at least a 4-hour prior warning of the Chibok attack, but did not do enough to stop it.

According to a report by AI, sources said that local patrols (known as vigilantes, setup by the military and local authorities) in a neighbouring village, were among the first to raise the alarm on the evening of April 14, 2014.

The locals, AI’s report further revealed, alerted officials including the Borno State governor, and senior military commanders based in Maiduguri, after a large group of unidentified armed men entered their village on motorbikes and said they were headed to Chibok. The global body said Nigerian military sources confirmed being warned of the attack.


The Nigerian military has, however, responded to the report of Amnesty International, saying it was false. The director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, in a statement said AI’s allegation is very unfortunate and untrue.

Mr. Olukolade noted that while the Nigerian military appreciates global concern with Nigeria, falsehood must be avoided.


PIC 2 ELYSEE SUMMITIt appears the world’s attention has been drawn to Nigeria’s plight. The Chibok kidnap saga has placed Nigeria in the spotlight, exposing its inadequacies, especially in security.

Following this, the international community has offered to assist Nigeria in finding the missing girls. The United States of America set the ball rolling on what turned out to be an outpouring of global assistance for Nigeria. After the US made its offer to assist Nigeria, France, China and Israel have followed suit.

They have all now sent teams of counter-terrorism officials and other specialists to Abuja.

The teams are already in the country with their extensive array of satellites, sharing commercial satellite imagery with Nigeria. The US in particular is said to be flying manned ISR (intelligence and surveillance) assets over Nigeria.


On Monday, May 12, 2014, the notorious sect-Boko Haram released a video clip showing the missing Chibok girls. Of the 276 missing girls, only 136 were captured in the clip, dressed in Islamic gear and chorusing recitations from the Quran.

Leader of the fundamentalist sect, Abubakar Shekau, claimed in the video clip that the girls had been converted from Christians to Muslims.


Mixed reactions have trailed the video released by the sect, showing 136 girls who they claimed were the missing Chibok girls.

Some analysts are of the opinion that the girls in the video appear younger than the ones that escaped. Others disagreed, saying that the girls cannot be expected to look the same, bearing in mind that young people of similar ages differ in appearance.

Another matter that arose from the video was the issue that the girls appeared too calm to be hostage victims. Those who towed this line of thinking referred to hostage victims held in other similar situations. As expected, other disagreed with this notion, saying that the girls, considering their ages, were too frightened to question any orders issued to them. Therefore, they had to accept their fate and act calm.


escape-chibok-girlsSince the release of the video by the Boko Haram sect, the Borno State government has reportedly embarked on an identification exercise, in a bid to identify the girls shown in the video.

The exercise held in Maiduguri (Borno State capital) involved parents of the missing girls, the escaped girls, teachers from the school and Chibok security operatives.

Here is list of the identified girls:

1. Agnes Gafane

2. Saraya Stober

3. Hauwa Bitrus

4. Hajra Isa

5. Naomi Philemon

6. Hauwa Abdu

7. Margaret Yama

8. Shitta Abdu

9. Jummai Nuta

10. Ladi Paul

11. Roda Peter

12. Filo Dauda

13. Godiya Bitrus

14. Saratu Tauji

15. Ross Daniel

16. Hauwa Ali

17. Hajara Isa

18. Luba Afga

19. Naomi Lika

20. Saraya Emos Alli

21. Bilkisu Abdullahi

22. Mairama  Maiyanga

23. Deborah Abbas

24. Kabu Mala

25. Halma Ali

26. Mairama Ali

27. Yana Bukar

28. Solomi Pugu

29. Lydia Fumar

30. Luba Sanda

31. Saraya Habila

32. Rejoice Shanki

33. Gloria Yaga

34. Mercy Nkoki

35. Moda Baba

36. Hauwa Isuwa

37. Patience Jacob

38. Ladi Jajel

39. Comfort Habila

40. Abigel Bukar

41. Fanta Lawan

42. Zainabu Yaya

43. Aisha Lawan Zanna

44. Kabu Mala

45. Maryama Bashir

46. Hauwa Maina

47. Mary G. Dauda

48. Susana Yakubu

49. Maryam Abbas

50. Laraba John

51. Hanatu Nuhu

52. Naomi Bukar

53. Rifkatu Galang

54. Dokas Yakubu




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