My husband and I are inseparable, says QUINCY

Quincy Herbal Slimmers is the brainchild of Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Sumbo Ayodele. It has continued to remain the place to be for Nigerians with weight-related health issues. The multi award winning outfit has also remained at the forefront of the industry as a result of the numerous convincing and overwhelming testimonies of the efficacy of their products. In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she told us why her brands are different and why her marriage is still intact over the years.


Will you say you have achieved all your set goals for the year?

Yes, we have achieved majority of our set goals for the year but we have new goals for next year. At least majority of the goals we set out this year, about 95 percent have been achieved. And I thank God for that.

How was business generally this year?

Business generally this year is ok, we thank God. At Quincy we do what is called comparison of this year, last year, and past three years. This year we discovered that we have broken the ground of stagnation, we would have moved faster with the introduction of our new product awareness about Quincy. But now is like Oh! Yes, she’s there, she started some 20 years ago and still waxing strong and she’s still up there. So, we have broken into the global market.

What were your basic challenges during the years?

Everything this year was smooth. We thank God for 2014, except for Ebola Virus Disease. It was a shock to all Nigerians and it affected a lot of businesses. It affected us. I have never seen a turn down like that since I started Quincy till I saw that in July. August was bad but I thank God that we’ve come out of it and Nigerians have moved forward. There is no more Ebola in our country, business has gone back to normal and we have moved on.

Quincy is a household name, what will you say has kept you in business over the years.

I would say it’s the grace of God, handwork, continuous rolling out of new products to be able to remain the pioneer, to remain on top and effective. Our products are so effective and still effective. We have been practicing what we say we can do. Whatever we promise at Quincy we deliver.

If we promise to blast tummy with herbal medicine, of course we will do it because we have what is called instant weight loss at Quincy and that is what Quincy is all about. God has helped us to be able to do it and this has given confidence to a lot of people. It has restored confidence about efficacy and safety of herbal medicine to a lot of Nigerians. That is why we say at Quincy we have access to nature.

What inspired you to set up a herbal outfit?

The average Nigerian woman is on the big side and I know the adverse effects of being big. Then again, there was the craze to use chemicals to achieve a trim and firmer body which does not necessarily translate to being healthy. My stay with my grandparents opened my eyes early to herbs, their uses and the gains of using them. All these added to my desire to open a herbal centre.

There are a lot of herbal slimmers out there, how have you been able to rise against competition?

Quincy Herbal Slimmers does not have a competitor, the main thing is Quincy started herbal slimming in Nigeria, we pioneered herbal slimming and you would agree with me that any business that is striving, others must join so, it gives us that assurance that what we started is working and it has allowed others to copy, join and come on board. So, at Quincy we don’t see any slimming outfit as competitor, we see them as embracing what we started.

Is there any side effect of your products?

As an herbal health practitioner, I’m not allowed to say there should be no side effect but what I know is that at Quincy we try as much as possible to use herb that do not have side effect. We monitor all the herbs we use to avoid any side effect.

We have professionals at Quincy who actually monitor the usage of these herbs, they monitor what we give to our clients, also monitor the client to make sure there is no side of effect. So far, at Quincy there has been no reported side of effect for the past 20 years we started and we pray there would be none.

Ouincy has been married for more than two decades, what has kept your marriage over the years?

What has kept my marriage? One, God made me to marry the right man. I married my friend, my lover, my brother, father and mother. In fact, I married my best friend, companion, because we are always together, we are inseparable. My husband is quiet supportive and I’m also very supportive of him in whatever he’s doing. To every successful marriage, I would say, there must be love and of course, we carry God with us. God started with us from day one, we put everything in His hand and He has been carrying us so far.

What advice do you have for the young generation as regards marriage break up?

To prevent marriage break up, seek God, pray to God that He should show you your own husband/wife, that God should order the steps of your wife or husband to wherever you are. The Yoruba adage says (ibi ti oyin ba wa ni era n to wa) you don’t need to be searching if you believe in God and you put everything in his hand because your spouse would seek and find you. Once that is done, you would not have marriage break up. Make sure you have that love for the person you intend to marry because it’s only love that can sustain marriage. Don’t just marry for the sake of marriage and last, ask God to give you the love and enablement to be able to carry through because marriage is a journey.

Can you tell us little about your background?

I come from a village called Olorunshogo which is near Abeokuta. I was born into the family of Chief Amos Oluwole Sodimu. As a child, I was rather sickly and it was thought that I would not live to adulthood. For this reason, when my family migrated to Europe, I was left in the care of my late maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mabel Osunmi Sodimu. My grandmother was very conversant with herbs and their efficacy. In fact, it was what she used to keep me alive. She continually administered herbs to me until I became strong enough to attend school.

I attended African Church Primary School, Yambi Village, Abeokuta, Comprehensive High School, Ayetoro and later, Ogun State Polytechnic, Abeokuta, where I studied Secretarial Administration. Just before the final year examination, I was admitted to Pitman’s Central College, London, where I completed my Higher Diploma in Secretarial Administration. On my return to Nigeria, I was employed by Societe Generale Bank as a secretary. Through sheer determination and hard work, I rose to the position of Personal Assistant to the managing director of the bank.

After over 12 years of meritorious service in the bank, I resigned to go into private business. At that point, I was not sure of what line of business to establish. I began by making doughnuts but soon got bored with it. By the time I set up the herbal slimming business, I had limited funds but I did not let that deter me from pursuing my dream. Beyond what I had learnt from my grandparents, I decided to equip myself formally for the task ahead. I enrolled at the Nigerian College of Natural Medicine, a subsidiary of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos, for a diploma in Natural Medicine. I also studied Naturopathy in the United States. I have also attended several congresses in China, Ghana and other parts of the world to sharpen my professional skill.

What is style for you?

Feeling well inside which translates to looking good outside. Fashion wise, I like to keep the look simple, yet elegant. Every fashion accessory must be worn and used in moderation. This makes for a pleasant view.



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