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‘How to keep your skin looking radiant in this hot weather’-Skin experts

The weather has been extremely hot and has been a reason for ladies who love their skin to be worried, because the extremely hot weather can cause a lot of damages to the skin if not well taken care of.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings to you tips from the finest skin care and beauty experts on how ladies can keep their skin looking radiant in this hot weather…


‘Use a daily moisturizer ‘ -PELA TONYE OKIEMUTE Pels International

Pela -photo 1The hot weather in most cases is caused by sunshine, and wearing sun screen is probably the most important thing you can do to protect your skin from the sun. Remember to apply sun screen every two hours or more.  Perspiration can also cause skin issues such as heat rash, redness, etc, so combating sweat should be a priority. Frequent washing can help prevent a buildup of sweat that could lead to a rash. It is  best to wash with cold water and a gentle cleanser that won’t completely dry or irritate your skin.

The skin tends to be more prone to breakouts during hot weather so face washes and lotions containing salicylic acid can help prevent or treat hot weather induced breakouts.

Lastly, your toning products should all be applied at night only as a night cream. One way to keep skin healthy in hot weather is from the inside by keeping the body well hydrated. This can prevent the skin from succumbing to the drying effects of summer heat. You should also use a daily moisturizer that is oil free to help keep skin from being dehydrated.

As difficult as it may be to avoid contact with sun, it is also advisable to protect your skin from the sun with other methods like wearing a protective scarf, hats, sunshades to protect eye area. And also taking daily multi-vitamins can boost antioxidants in the body that keeps skin healthy and protected from heat.

Also note that one of the best ways to cool down your facial skin after heat and UV radiation is the facial mask. You can refrigerate your mask a bit and then after washing  your face use a mild toner and then use your mask. You can use the facial mask every other day. It’s a perfect way to cool and calm your skin.

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‘Eat a lot of vegetables’ -QUINCY AYODELE, Qunicy Herbal

In this weather you can keep your skin radiant by eating a lot of vegetables, and certain food that calm you from inside.

On the outside, if you want your skin looking beautiful you need to have in mind that this is not the time for hot water baths. Always bath or shower with normal temperature water at least twice a day. This is also not the weather to use harsh creams or beauty products because they will damage the skin even more. You can brighten your skin by using our natural products that won’t give or leave your skin with blemishes.

Always apply sunscreen, nothing less than spf 120 is recommended for this hot weather.


‘Exfoliate dead skin at least twice a week’ -CLARA KOMOLAFE, Clara Beauty Spa claraand Academy

For a lady to glow and have a healthy skin in this hot weather, first thing a woman should go for is spa treatment, facials and body polishing. You can walk into the spa for it or get it done via home remedy.

This should be done at least once a month. Make sure you wash your skin, use sun block and exfoliate dead skin at least twice a week.




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