Next Movie Star 2015: Cynthia Shallow recaps her experience in the ho use

Cynthia Shallow is the winner of Next Movie Star 2015. The fair skinned lady of average height and reality show star is a graduate of Management from the University of Port Harcourt. She is from Ebonyi State from a family of five. She told ENCOMIUM Weekly how happy she was winning the Next Movie Star and sundry issues.


How prepared are you for stardom?

I am prepared and I am ready to take the world by storm.

After NMS, what next?

Next Movie Star will continue, my career will also continue.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Cynthia Shallow, 27, from Ebonyi State. I’m the second child from the family of five. I studied Management in the University of Port Harcourt. My parents live in Abuja and I’m here in Lagos in pursuit of my career.

How does it feel winning Next Movie Star 2015?

It’s really amazing and exciting. I appreciate the privilege to go through it all and become the winner.

What gave you an edge over other housemates?

(Laughs) It was just God’s favour and prayer. I have a talent and I guess it is punctuality. I am determined. I knew why I was in the house. Any time we were given a task, I put myself totally into it.

Is this your first time of participating in a reality show?

Yes, it is.

How was the experience in the house?

The experience was amazing. Going through the training and grooming. I have never been to any school of acting. For me, it was a big step and I want to thank the organizers for this platform. The experience was fantastic. We had our moments in the house, we argued, laughed and cried. It was fun in the house.

Who was a threat to you in the house?

It was just one person I saw as my competition and inbetween the show he kept on losing it and I used that against him. He started feeling weak and could not put himself together again. I even went as far to tell him he was my competition.

How did you get on board Next Movie Star?

I hate to say this, but it’s the truth. I have been to auditions but I have never been to audition like Next Movie Star. My friend actually told me about Next Movie Star and asked me to get the form. I thought about the days we would spend in the house, how to cope with strangers for 30 days, etc.

The decision to get the form was a hard one for me. I picked the form, went for the audition, the audition was tense and strict. NSM audition, sincerely, was the audition that shook me because I have never been to an audition that I would be scared.

How challenging was it in the house?

It was very challenging because things done in the house were things I don’t do. My sleeping pattern changed, we could be called anytime. I had an injury which I did not realize early. It was good for me and it helped to improve my speed.

What are some of the things you learnt in the house?

Thanks to the organizers of NMS. I want to thank the facilitator, who took her time to train us. We learnt a lot of things like who is an actor? What does a director want, discovering yourself, how to manage an actor or how an actor should be manageable, media and celebrity, how to handle scandal. And the most important thing is to be disciplined and be humble.

So, what has changed about you?

A lot has changed about me. My style of acting has improved. I have worked on my speed, have also learnt to be very audible, I’m very confident and humble and a lot has changed about me.





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