‘What we want from Buhari in 2016’ – Nigerians set agenda for president


If the agenda set by Nigerians for Buhari for 2016 is to be taken seriously, then the president and his team have a lot of work on their hands.

From reviving the economy, upgrading infrastructure, to continuing the corruption fight and stabilising power – Nigerians have outlined what matters to them.


‘Buhari hasn’t done woefully’

– Dubem Adebayo

Buhari hasn’t done woefully, else he wouldn’t be getting rave reviews from international bodies and personalities. I think this is the first time in a long while that the world has sat up to take notice of us as a country. That tells you that there’s definitely something he’s doing right. Though the common man is yet to feel the impact. The issue I have with the administration is that the fight against corruption has been only positive, to the detriment of the economy.

This year, he should focus on reviving the economy as much as possible. Even if that’s all he achieves, it’s all we need. That is the change we can feel.


‘Buhari’s government has been quite underwhelming’

– Aina Adesunoloye

Buhari’s government has been quite underwhelming, if we’re being honest, especially against the backdrop of the lofty expectations whipped up during electioneering. That said, they’ve certainly not been folding their arms as some detractors would have us believe, though the administration is yet to hit the nail on the head.

I expect that to happen this year. They can be excused on the grounds that the budget had already been passed and stuffs like that. 2016, they’d have no excuses not to deliver on some key campaign promises, particularly upgrading infrastructure and stabilizing the economy to an extent.


‘Buhari’s government is about transparency’

– Mr. Amoda

Buhari’s government is about transparency because he is bent on delivering Nigeria from bondage of crooked acts by the past administration. In seven months, he has made the security of Nigeria stronger. In the petroleum sector, he is already developing it.

The areas I want him to improve on, are stabilization of the naira and dollar and also security aspect. I know he’s trying but there are still some things he has to sort out. In the area of corruption which he has stepped in now I still want him to enact a law so as to guide the embezzlement of public funds.

Buhari’s government is just seven months, so, we don’t have to judge him yet. We can see he’s trying unlike the last government that spent eight years without good result.


‘Buhari is trying, we all need to support, encourage him’

– Tolu Alabi

He is really taking his time to deal with all the maladministration of the past government. His government is slow but they say slow and steady wins the race. We all need to support, encourage and be patient with the Buhari administration. I want him to improve infrastructure, power and security.

He should continue with the anti-corruption crusade and always embark on masses driven policies.


‘His performance in seven months is commendable’

– Abolade Akinsanmi

His performance in seven months is commendable. Economically, his administration has been trying to revamp it from deteriorating state by recovering stolen funds from the past regime of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Socially, he has also been able to counter and reduce insurgency.

Though he may not be able to solve all our problems, he should provide direction and guidance to bring Nigeria back to the state it was before these politicians messed it up.

The issues of bombing, fuel shortage, forex control, Biafra agitations, have not been properly addressed. But he was able to revive our refineries, he has been able to recover part of the stolen funds through anti graft agencies. He also tightened up security to put a stop to theft and bunkering of oil.


‘He has done a lot but…’

– Shoyemi Olawale

In seven months of Buhari’s administration, he has done a lot but the damage caused by the previous administration is not making his work visible. I want him to concentrate more on education and power. He should also fulfill the promise of giving a day meal to children in school made by his party.

One of the things he did well is the stability of power in some parts of Nigeria and what he did not do well is concentrating on arresting criminals of the past administration instead of solving the problem caused by the administration.


‘I think he has been strict with everything he has done so far’

– Sidime Mohammed

I think he has been strict with everything he has done so far. I guess it is based on the fact that he was a military man. As far as I am concerned, he has replaced so many ministers since he was sworn in and has put them there for better performance.

He should concentrate on fulfilling the promise he made before he was elected president. He exposed the people who embezzled this country’s money, he also did well in making sure the price of fuel is affordable. I do not think I can say anything about what he did not do well presently because he is still in his first year in office.


‘He has tried because the situation he inherited is pathetic’

– Tunde Awoniyi

He has tried because the situation he inherited is pathetic. The economy is bad. And without money, there is nothing he can do. So, Buhari should make sure he collects all the loots and ensure no one is allowed to further defraud the country.

He should continue his anti-corruption war and not listen to whatsoever the critics are saying. He should be focused. Then try to do everything to consolidate on his agenda concerning the oil sector. He should also look inward to ensure our agriculture sector is boosted. If all those are attended to this year, I believe Nigeria will move forward.

Personally, I am enjoying his administration, and I believe every other well meaning Nigerian will tell you the same thing.


‘President Muhammadu Buhari is trying but…’

– Lowo Adegbenjo

President Muhammadu Buhari is trying but his effort has not really yielded the desired result because of the state of our treasury. I appreciate his fight against corruption. At least, we’re not where we were before Buhari took over. It’s a gradual process. My prayer is that he will not get distracted.

Last year was turbulent for Buhari but with the release of 2016 budget, the nation will surely witness real change in every aspect. He should just concentrate on the petroleum industry. Also energy and power sector is very important to the development of every nation. So, he should also handle that sector with all sense of sincerity and purpose. Nigerians need uninterrupted supply of electricity.


‘We believed in him and his anti corruption campaign’

– Kemi Adeoti

We believed in him and his anti corruption campaign. Employment and security are important because we have been seeing green lights in other areas.


‘Mr. President has been moving at a fairly good pace’

– Oluwafemi Toye

Mr. President has been moving at a fairly good pace. You know things have been bad in this nation and as a man that does not want to make mistakes, he is taking his time. We need money to do a lot of things and he has to recover the looted funds to do this. As you can see the IMF chairman even attest to the fact that we do not need to borrow to finance the 2016 budget. He should not relent on his effort on security, power and fuel.


‘I think he’s taking his time to rebuild this country’

– Debi Ogunleye

Trust me, to everybody he’s being slow but to me I think he’s taking his time to rebuild this country. And it’s actually the best, it might look like he hasn’t achieved anything but he has. Fighting corruption is what past administrators couldn’t do because they were too afraid to step on toes. But Buhari has been able to achieve that so, I’ll say he is actually working slow but progressively.

I’ll say he should concentrate on the agriculture sector. We need not to depend on oil alone. He should allow investors to come into agricultural sector.

He has successfully worked on corruption. He has showed that he’s a man of integrity. He can’t allow corruption to thrive. What I think he hasn’t done well is this issue of fuel scarcity, which is not directly his fault but he should make sure marketers follow the rules he has set out. They are selling above the N86 that has been directed they should sell. Actions should be taken against them. I also like the fact that he’s building relationships with other nations because in the time past other nations abandoned Nigeria. But now that he’s visiting them, they seem to be interested in us again. That is good.


‘I would like him to concentrate more on education and security’

– Sunkanmi Alabi

I would like him to concentrate more on education and security. I think it’s very key for a growing nation like ours. It’s like when trees fall upon trees it’s the first one you take out.

I think he’s just trying to clean out the government to allow for easy governance this year. I think he’s doing well in fighting corruption. I think he is working progressively.




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