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Nigerians applaud Supreme Court’s ruling on PDP chairmanship tussle

Nigerians have applauded the judgement of the Supreme Court in the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff vs Senator Ahmed Makarfi PDP chairmanship tussle. The Court pronounced Senator Makarfi as the most eligible for the party’s chairmanship seat.

However, while Nigerians await Senator Modu Sheriff’s next step, several Nigerians have declared in this chat with that the judgement was fair.


Bankole Rasak

I must commend the Supreme Court for this judgement, it shows we are progressing. Sheriff should have stepped down honourably before now, but his greed won’t let him. There is an adage in Yoruba that says, “If you are not wanted in a place and you are singing, who will back you up?” The time PDP wanted Sheriff has passed, the party needs a change now. He should step down as instructed by the court.


Edunjobi Opeyemi

I think the court has done well by pronouncing Makarfi the rightful chairman of the party. I also wish cases of charged looters be treated with this kind of transparency. It’s a good one from Supreme Court.


Ajayi Maxwell

For me, the case is not over yet. I know for sure that Ali Modu Sheriff won’t give in so easily. But it would be better if he can just abide by the court’s order to allow peace reign in the Peoples Democratic Party. At least, this will go a long way in helping the party regain power come 2019.


Odebunmi Ibukun

The Court has done its own bit in the matter, the party too should try and get things right among themselves. Factionalism won’t help them, it would only make them lose power. Kudos to the Supreme Court on this.


Enifenilafe Wale

That is politics for, you never can tell what next. But I really like the judgement.


Makinde Aishat

I think power lies in their hands, it’s left to them to decide, all I know is Ali Modu Sheriff should just step down and forge ahead with his life. Like I have always told my friends, politics is a dirty game.


Igwe Amaka

I like the judgement passed by the court. Now Ali Modu Sheriff will keep his mouth shut. I think the PDP will now know the next thing to do.


Adio Gafar

Before rejoicing let’s hear Ali Modu Sheriff’s comment, maybe he will accept what the court has said or not. Because I know that he will not accept, no one gives in that easily.






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