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Nigerians bitter over sharp drop in power supply (2)

All hopes of enjoying uninterrupted power supply in 2017 has again been shattered as a sharp drop from 4,883.9 to 2,200 MW has been recorded lately worsening the already epileptic electricity supply across the country.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions about this downward trend expressed bitterness, calling on the Federal Government to pay serious attention to the sector so that the problems in the land can be at least half solved.


‘We hardly get light more than two hours in a day’ – OYINLOLA ALABI

It’s a dangerous signal to the fact that Buhari’s administration is a total failure. We have all seen what’s happening now. DISCOS are not reliable at all. The situation now is even worse than when the whole thing was under Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Although, we can’t shift all the blames on the companies the Federal Government also has a lot to do in ensuring the sector is fixed. The truth is that Babatunde Raji Fashola is not qualified to handle the sector. I think he should be changed.

Light was even better during Jonathan’s time. Although, Buhari started well with the issue of electricity, things have derailed now. Our hope that things would improve has been shattered. In our area in Magodo, we hardly get light more than two hours in a day which is not even regular.

And I know that’s how it is almost in all other places. The sharp drop in power generation is really affecting everything, including commercial and domestic aspects of human endeavours.”


‘Power supply has dropped beyond expectation’ – ISAAC CHUKA

“It’s very obvious that power supply has dropped beyond expectation. Before now, I never expected it to be 100 percent stable this year going by what we went through in 2016. But President Buhari and Fashola assured us of targeting about 7,000 mega watts before the end of 2016, but now the reverse is the case.

Before the supply dropped, light was never stable. We’re only managing the situation, hoping things would level up this year. Now, we’re almost without light day and night. We depend mainly on generators. Life is more or less hell now that there is much heat.

The worst thing is that we’re still using estimated bill. They charge us any how ranging from N7,000 monthly. Buhari should please address the issue early this year before it gets worse.”


‘I use generator everyday now’ – NANA

“We’re back to square one again. The mega watts has dropped drastically to about 2,750 and there’s no hope that it will bounce back to that 4,000 mega watts this year. So, all we need is to learn to cope with the situation. Fashola’s excuse is hinged on lack of adequate liquefied natural gas caused by the activities of pipeline vandals in the Niger-Delta region.

That means nothing good should be expected from the power sector unless they restore all the blown pipelines and normalcy returns to the region. It’s like power supply is even worse in Ogba here. We don’t even enjoy light during the day at all, and yet we pay exorbitant bills every month. Something urgent has to be done.”


‘We have sleepless nights because of electricity’ – FEMI SOLOMON (Ipaja)

Electricity is no more constant in my area. We have light everyday but it doesn’t stay long. It stays longer at night. My wife usually wakes up at night to boil water and to cook. It is really a sad case. They bring N6,000 bill monthly for the light we don’t see.


‘The power is in their hands’ – KEMI AKINYONU (Fagba)

They give us light anytime it pleases them. I don’t even care about it again. It is when you are praising them that they take the light. When they give us light it might stay for two days at times without blinking, after which you may not have it for four days.


‘We only have light for 3 hours’ – MUTIU ADEREMI (Abule Egba)

We are not enjoying light at all. They may give us for three hours at night and that is all. We may not have light throughout the day sometimes.


‘Electricity is just once a while thing’ – BIMBO JOHN (Ayetoro)

We don’t usually have light. It is just once in a while thing. And if they bring it, it may not last for three hours. I have a shop where I sell frozen food, it is generator we use to power the place so that the products in the refrigerator would not spoil.


‘Electricity supply generally is bad’ – SAMUEL ROBERTS (Iyana Ipaja)

Light generally is epileptic. We are not enjoying light at all in my area. They give us light once a while and we still pay incredible exhorbitant fees for what we don’t enjoy.




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