Nigerians disagree over extension of driver’s licence expiration 

The Federal Government of Nigeria has extended the expiry period of driver’s licence to five years from the original three years period. The decision was taken by the Joint Tax Board at its 134th meeting held recent in Kano.

The corps marshal said rather than drivers’ licence expiring in three years, drivers now had the option of settling for either three or five years licence.

This, however, comes with different price tags. Drivers who want the three years licence are to pay N6,000 while those who opt for the five years licence would pay N10,000.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, carried out a survey on people’s reaction on the extension of drivers’ licence validity date from 3 years to 5 years.


Mr. Azeez Akanbi, Admin Officer, Lagos State Number Plate Production Authority (LSNPPA)

What is your take about the new 5 years validity period for driving licence?

Personally, I think the 5 years validity period for driving licence is not a good idea, 5 years is just a long period of time to renew your driving licence in Nigeria. I can tell you that a lot of motorists don’t go through normal procedure to obtain their driving licence. Some people patronize illegal agents who will give the driving licence without any form of training to confirm the driving ability of the person.

In short, some are powerfully connected that they don’t go to the FRSC offices to get their licence, either they sit at home and someone from somewhere will bring it for them. All these and other issues need to be curbed before deliberating on 5 years validity period.

I’m totally against it. The three years validity period for driving licence is fine. I don’t see any reason why motorists have to be given options when it comes to driving licence. The FRSC should stick to the 3 years validity period, they should curb illegal activities of driving licence agents. Let all new applicants and those renewing their licence go through the FRSC.

It’s so sad that we have a lot of people driving on the road today without knowing the necessary road rules and regulations. It’s causing a lot of accidents on our road.



I am happy about the new development. It will give me enough time but other countries driving licence is 10 years. Nigeria will want drivers to come back after every 3 years or five years so they can have their own share. God help this country.



I am not happy about it, Nigerian leaders can never do anything to benefit the masses. Why will they have to put different price tag with different years. If they want 5 years, they should just make it a standby law and they should stop deceiving us.



It is not a good idea. Other countries’ driving licence is 10 years. But Nigeria will want drivers to come and spend their money so that they can have their own share. This is indirect stealing.



This people are thieves; all they do is find a way to extort money from us. Same thing they did with the international passport which is 5 years, instead of 10 years like other country.



I don’t see it as a good idea. The fact that they introduce 5 years validity for driving licence is a perfect motive but having two options to go for is absurd. The three years validity should be stopped, and they should let all driving licence validity remain 5 years.

Having two options is like suggesting ways for fraud. People will fall victim for fake licence.



The idea is welcome, I think it will reduce the rate at which driving licence will be renewed. 5 years is a perfect period of time after which you can renew your licence. But I just hope the 5 years will work as they say.



It is a very good development, only if their officers will comply with the prices listed here. The last time I renewed my driving licence, it was done for N13,000 for three years. I just hope they won’t make this five years own N25,000 by the time new applicants start to request for it.



Five years validity period for driving licence is fine only if it won’t be abused. There are a lot of people with fake licence, yet they drive freely on our roads without any form of sanction. Government should watch the activities or the illegal agents who issue unauthorized licence to drivers without any form of training.

In Nigeria today, people just feel they can do whatever they like to make money, thus, putting the lives of others at risk. The FRSC should go strict on their 5 years validity driving licence if they really want it to work out fine.

Another issue is, they told us we will get the 5 years driving licence for N10,000, meanwhile the three years driving licence is even more than N15,000. The last time I renewed my licence, I paid N16,000 for every necessary thing. So we should be expecting the 5 years driving licence for about N20,000, N25,000, they shouldn’t just deceive us with N10,000 official price.



The 5 years validity period is a great idea for Nigerians but the issue is that we are used to abusing our rules in this country. We need a lot of trained drivers that actually pass through the FRSC training scheme. The fact that motorists have to choose either 5 years validity licence or that of 3 years is not a good idea, I must say.

Why not pick a stand; if you want it to be 5 years, they should eliminate that of 3 years. It would have been better if the options were excluded and let us know the actual validity period for our driving licence.




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