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Motorists kick against the proposed cost of driver’s licence, number plate

The proposal of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to increase the price of number plate and driver’s licence has left most motorists disappointed.

Speaking at the 136th meeting of the Joint Tax Board (JTB) held in Abuja, the Corps Marshall of the agency, Boloye Opeyemi stressed that the current rate of N6,000 and N20,000 for dirver’s licence and number plate respectively was no longer sustainable due to hike in operational cost. He disclosed that debt was crippling the operations of the FRSC as over N700 million is owed by various states.

The new rate has been greeted with dismay by motorists coupled with the current situation in the country. They were uncomfortable with it. It was alleged that it was a means to further exploit them.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinions of motorists as they expressed their views on the proposed increment…



The whole system is just messed up. Nigerians are really going through tough time in this change regime. Starting from the removal of fuel subsidy, over 50 percent hike in the prices of goods, phone call tax and number plate. I think our leaders should be able to think out of the box and generate revenue from other hidden treasures. The idea of increasing every little benefit the poor masses are enjoying will only lead the country nowhere.



class-b-driving-licenseIt’s so sad that the government and leaders of public firms don’t know how else to generate revenue unless to inconvenience the poor and less privileged. Number plate and driver’s licence should be the cheapest benefit every Nigerian should be able to enjoy. The last time I renewed my driver’s licence, I paid more than N20,000. Now, that they are talking about increase, maybe it will go for N50,000 from next year. I wonder what benefit we will enjoy from this government as Nigerians.



This is not the way forward. People are living from hand to mouth – no savings. The year 2016 is one of the toughest years in the history of the county. By now, our government should be looking into how to make things easier and enjoyable for everyone and not making us face hell through unnecessary increments.



We have over 30 million licenced drivers in the country and they all paid for their registration and licence. What happened to the money they have been collecting? Nigeria today, prices of commodities and charges should be made affordable and not putting pressure on the masses just because they have no voice.

Increasing the cost of vehicle registration number and driver’s licence is not just a good idea, instead they should look inward on how to make it less.



It doesn’t make sense, they shouldn’t increase it. It shows how unfair these people are. The cost of procuring it is very high. I got my driver’s licence at the rate of N22,000. I wasn’t the one who got the number plate. I disagree totally with the increment.



It is not good news. They just want to keep exploiting people without considering the situation of the country. Where do they expect us to get the money from? My number plate was gotten for N28,000, while the driver’s licence was gotten for N20,000. They only lied that you could get it for N6,0000 and N12,000. If they can reduce it, it would be better.



There is nothing we can do about it, nobody would fight for us. However, I don’t like the idea. Formerly, the cost of procuring my plate number was N6,000. It now cost N25,000. If you complain about the price, they would tell you to go somewhere else since you can’t afford the price. They should forget about increasing it.



It’s not good at all. These people are heartless. They don’t care how you get the money. I renewed my driver’s licence at N17,000. It now costs N25,000. As for the number plate, it is N40,000 for buses and N30,000 for cars. It is unreasonable if they increased it.



Nigeria needs serious cleansing in every sector. All vehicle owners are paying N5,000 insurance fee for their vehicle, but the question is how many vehicles have been insured in Nigeria.

Another one is the certificate of road worthiness. Corruption is everywhere in the country.




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