Nigerians lament the high cost of raising a child

With the skyrocketing expenses and crumbling economy, it has become extremely difficult to raise a child. Nigerians groan daily as a result of high cost of living, which has forced many to live below their wish. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of Nigerians on how they are coping with raising a child under the harsh economy. These are the questions, ‘How have you been faring raising your children? How easy has it been meeting your obligations as a father/mother? On an average, how much do you spend per term? How do you manage to spend within your limit?’ The responses we got are these…


GABRIEL ADEDAPO – It has really not been easy, especially this year – but God has been helping us. We are trying to do the much that we can do.

Like I said, I have been struggling, especially in 2016, I only depend on the grace of God. We also try as much as possible to priotise our needs. We sort them out one after the other.

I have no fixed amount. It all depends on the need of the family. Apart from school fees that is fixed, other expenses such as food, clothing, medicare are not fixed. I believe I don’t spend less than N60,000 on a child per month. When talking of a term, I will say a minimum of N150,000.

It is not easy really. I just put priority on the needs. We do what we can do and it will be the most important things first. We leave the ones we cannot surmount to God.


BISI BADMUS – God has been helping us. The school my daughter attends also help us as well. They are usually patient when we don’t pay school fees on time.

It has really not been easy. The state of economy is affecting everybody. We all now look unto God for sustenance.

I haven’t calculated it but I think it will be more than N70,000 for each child. It is really difficult to quantify.

It is not easy at all. My budget is usually higher than my salary. In fact my salary is not enough to cater for half of my needs. I just try to hustle here and there in order to meet up and get extra pay. I also look up to God as well.


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OLUWATOSIN JOSHUA – It has not been easy. Notwithstanding, we are managing the situation.

I priotise but the most important things I focus on are education and accommodation. I support for the food and my wife takes care of the children’s clothing.

My salary is never enough for the children not to talk of the whole household. I support with my other business. I can’t quantify how much I spend in a month or in a term for the children.

I don’t go for what I don’t need. If there is excess, we keep for the rainy day.


OBIORA MICHAEL – Things are extremely tough now for most households. I have been working for the past five months and I have not been paid. Thank God for my wife and the fact that I do other business to survive.

It has not been easy at all. I fail in meeting certain needs I must tell you. But I still depend on God in order to continue being a responsible father.

May be N150,000 on each child. Aside the school fees, I don’t know how to calculate the rest.

We put everything on a scale of preference, after which I can go for any other. I consider the children school fees, their feeding and accommodation first before other needs.



KUNLE ABOLANLE – We have been dependingon God for more than two years now. He is always there for us. We also try to live within our earning.

It is been extremely difficult to cope. I know I have to depend on God, but I must tell you it has not been easy. I have three children and each person pays N50,000 a tuition fees. I try to do the little I can. I focus on the needful and most important needs of the family.


MRS. AJAYI – It has been a big challenge for me. I am just trying my best to live above it.

It has been extremely difficult. I have to hustle, do business in order to meet up. I lost my husband 10 years ago when the children were still very young. I am left with the responsibilities all alone.

I cannot quantify them. They are three and are all in school. Two in secondary school, the last one still in primary school. May be N200,000 per term. It should be more than that really.

I have a budget for each one of them and I have told them how much I can spend on each one of them per month. They too are understanding. I try my best and leave the rest.


SEGUN IBRAHIM – Raising a child is no longer the responsibility of the man alone. His wife must be part of it. Because it is not easy. Accommodation, school fees can chase someone back to the village.

It has not been easy because of the crumbling economy, but we are still pushing it. God is on our side.

It is not what one can quantify. It is only the school fees that I can account for. I pay N200,000 per term for three children. Others, I can’t sum together.

I have a budget, I do any kind of good business to meet up because my salary is not enough to cater for all our needs. We also put a scale of preference on our spending. Once we get to the budget, I hand over to my wife.


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CASPER OKAFOR – We thank God. They are gifts from God. We cannot complain that the burden is too much, but it is not easy really.

Extremely over bearing. You spend and spend and keep on spending. At times, I feel like running away when I see bills. Women and children don’t want to understand.

May be N100,000 on each of them. They are four in number. I can be wrong anyway, it could also be more than that.

As much as I try, I fail to meet up in some areas. I set priorities and stick to the most important things on the list.


CHARLES EZE – It has not been funny but we thank God. We are grateful that we have somewhere to spend our money on and it is for a good course. It has not been easy especially with the high cost of living. God has been helping us.

It will be quite difficult to do that. I have really not given it a thought too. I set a budget but most times, I spend double above my limit. I am just struggling really. I have not been able to do it.


FABIYI AYOOLA – Raising a child has not been easy not to talk of children. We have to perform our responsibilities or our wives will send us packing.

It has not been easy. Is it the house rent, their school fees, clothing them? My son is growing by the day. I give his mom money to buy trousers every three months, at a point, I resolved that  he should be wearing shorts that last longer than changing trousers monthly.

I have not really calculated it. It is only their school fees and pocket money I know by heart. I have four lovely children, two boys and two girls. I pay N50,000, N55,000, N50,000 and N60,000 as school fees and I give the boys N10,00 each as pocket money.





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