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Nigerians support Fayose’s exclusion from London trip

The recent visit by members of the Governors Forum to President Muhammadu Buhari in London is generating reactions because Governor Fayose was not selected for the trip. Some people are of the opinion that those who visited had hidden agenda for not including the assertive governor of Ekiti. sampled opinions of Nigerians…


Nike Allison

Fayose is a gossip, he shouldn’t be allowed to witness that gathering. He would use whatever he sees to distort information. Such a man should be prevented from seeing the president. He is arrogantly outspoken, he loves impulsive report. They made the right decision by not allowing him go to London.


Promise Uchendu

They made the best decision. Even if he follows them, he wouldn’t believe whatever he sees. Look at what one of the delegate said that for Buhari to survive, it was a miracle. If Fayose was there, he would paint a negative picture of the whole scenario.


Opeoluwa Kazeem

He is not governorship in his talks, he is not a matured man. He is not a friend of government, he shouldn’t be there at all. They made a good decision by not involving him.


Solomon Adeoye

I am happy he was not part of the delegation. Even if the president is okay, he would say otherwise and cause controversy when he gets back home.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for



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