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Outrage greet Fayose’s promise to commit suicide should Buhari returns

Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose is faced with strong criticisms over the return of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is because the South-West PDP governor had promised to commit suicide if Buhari ever returns to Nigeria alive. He made the assertion during the absence of President Buhari as he boasted that the president had been on life support for quite some time.

Now that the president is back, investigations revealed that Nigerians are wasting no time to ask Fayose to honour his promise of committing suicide…


Komolafe Abiodun

Fayose is too big mouthed for my liking. He should go ahead and kill himself if he feels that the sight of Buhari is irritating him. How can a governor who claims to be educated behaves as if he never saw the four walls of a classroom. That’s uncalled for.


Mr. Akpan

Ayodele Fayose is a disgrace to the entire people of Ekiti state and PDP as a whole. He talks too much and say things that are not meant to be voiced. He has said it, now that Buhari is back he should go and hang himself or better still hug a transformer.


Chinyere Ugwu

I think all his assertions are just mere talk, he is not the only one that said something of that nature to President Muhammadu Buhari but his own is too pronounced because he is a public figure. What we need in this country is peace and one love and not criticizing or attacking what someone had said or done.


Mariah Johnson

I know Fayose will definitely realise what he said because it is uncalled for. How can someone say that he will commit suicide should his own president ever return from his medical vacation? If he did not commit that suicide he had promised, he is not a man of his own word.


Adeyemi Emmanuel

How on earth did Fayose manage to retain his position as the governor of Ekiti state? He talks a lot for my liking. I dislike the fact that he is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party. He should better go and commit suicide because he made the promise himself.


Mrs. Grace Enenche

Fayose should go and commit the suicide right away because his greatest enemy is back. That man is making a fool of himself. Even if Buhari is on a life support does it really concern him? Even if it does, why should he pronounce that he will commit suicide should Buhari arrive Nigeria. He should even be apprehended.


Kikelomo Usman

I think he didn’t mean what he said because earlier this month he made a U-turn by supporting Buhari’s school feeding programme. He is a human like you, and I and as a matter of fact, we are bound to say anything when we are angry. I believe he was very angry that fateful day he made such a harsh statement.


Mr. Sikiru Oke

Fayose should be dragged out from that office because he is not representing the good people of Ekiti state. Now that Buhari is back, he should go ahead and kill himself. No body cares about his wellbeing or the likes. Why would he in the first place say something of that nature? I think there is something he has been harbouring against President Buhari. He should be apprehended and force out of that his office.


Azeez Abdulsalam

Governor Fayose talks too much and I am promising him that his mouth will definitely land him into a trouble that will tarnish his own life. If he wants to be the president of Nigeria, he should at least run for the post come 2019, after all he is a member of the PDP. He should better go and hang himself or commit suicide as he had promised, so he would be in the Guinness book of record as the first governor in Nigeria who committed suicide because of the return of his president.


Chibuzor Eneh

I have said it times without number that Fayose is not a good citizen of Nigeria. Instead of him praying for the speedy recovery and safe return of Mr. President, he is there talking without sense. I believe he meant what he said, because Nigerians are waiting for his next actions. Nobody forced him to say it, he thought about it before announcing it publicly. He should commit the suicide he had promised. Baba is back!


Raphael Abayomi

I have always told my friends that politics is a dirty game. Fayose will cause commotion among Nigerians but behind closed doors he will definitely go and apologize to Buhari. I don’t do politics, I only fold my arms and watch them make fool and jest of themselves.


– Chika Okorie for 




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