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Fayose’s 2019 Presidential ambition mocked and dismissed

The Presidential ambition of Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose, in 2019 has been mocked and dismissed as a dream rooted on unreality. 

Set to declare tomorrow (Thursday, September 28), Peoples Democratic Party’s chieftains dismiss his ambition because the position is zoned to the North as Nigerians mock him for seriousness. 
Here are some comments:


Hahahahaha!!! Fayose is looking for any office that can give him immunity since the current one he enjoys is about to expire, even the PDP are not finding his jokes funny anymore.

He will do anything to avoid going to prison.


igozino moor:

Fayose is tuning for the position of the vp



Fayose for president? I thought PDP are under restructuring. Now I believe PDP can never changed. They re out there to deceive Nigerians again. Fayose people of questionable character.



Wonder shall never end in this country. Can you imagine someone of Fayose’s calibre aspiring to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Lord have mercy



Why Nigeria don’t get it and will never get it right.

Is the simple reason their votes do not count.

I believe that any citizen of Nigeria regardless of where they come from has the right to contest for the office of the President. There is nothing like it is my turn. You have to earn the ticket and the only way to do so is an open primary. You cannot foist candidates on the people and expect a good governance. Conduct primaries and stop the indoor selection.


Onye Obosi:

The guy knows he is not going to contest for the presidency.

He only wants to make noise, so that at the end, he can be considered as a VP.

And while on it, he will still be distracting the government from any attempt to arrest him or charge him for an offence, that has been giving him sleepless night since Buhari took over government.

He is counting on his ipad fan base as his greatest selling point for the position of a VP.



The Babalawo has embarked on the diversionary tactics of Presidential ambition to keep the Federal Government off his trail as his tenure is coming to the end. Fayose is planning to sneak out the Country without handing over to his Successor, so he would not be arrested for his ‘onfoloke’ crime, for which his accomplices without immunity have been sweating it out with the EFCC.



Fayose the igbo lion and hero has spoken, all ipob members and igbos will vote for him to become president. He will inturn give igbos Biafra in his inaugural speech as the elected president voted massively for by the igbos. Fayose the igbo lion king and messiah, igbo are really rooting, praying and waiting for you. Shame


Braithwaite Umenta:

Fayose, the earlier you start preparing for the senate, the better for you…….


Curtx Maccido:

DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!!….bad product for presidency, if pdp choose this guy there will no need to campaign or bother to count votes….



He is building a political bridge to take from the government house to the street while waving at the FG along the way.



“He wondered why Fayose would want to disobey the party despite his position as a leader” a party with Fayose as part of its leadership is a huge joke.


uncle Sam:

Fayoshe is not interested in presidential position because he knows that his chances are -0.

He is targeting the post of non elective vice president which he confirmed in one of his statements a while ago.

Fayoshe foisted Ali Modu Sherrif on PDP for the chance of becoming his vice, should Sherrif eventually succeed as presidential candidate of the party.

If care is not taking, that party the PDP, would soon be involved in another bouts of crisis that will make it very difficulty for the party to survive, just because of greedy, and selfish politicians among the party.

The man is desperately scheming to avoid consequences of his misdeeds, and needed immunity as cover to evade justice.


OdeyPeter Odo:

Later these same people will say it’s APC that is causing problem in PDP.



They hope Alhassan will deliver the women votes in the North. They have polarized SE and SW through Biafra agitations so that even if APC presents a Christian candidate ethnic discord will not allow Southerners to vote with one focus. Many Igbos, scorched by this new Biafra misadventure, will not vote or will vote to spite, hence sentencing the country to another round of misfortune under a PDP candidate from the North who will decamp from APC in the future. Buhari’s return has shown that he needs no one to complete his tenure, therefore the focus is now on 2019. Soon, they will release the funds they mopped up and once again begin to buy the votes of the impoverished. We must not vote for those who seek to buy us but for those who seek to serve us.



But why must your presidential candidate come from the North? Why is it only the North that produces presidential candidates? Why not other regions of the country? Is this not why there is this clamour for restructuring and agitations in the land? Is the PDP blind or despicably irresponsibly impotent as a party? These are very strong signs that the party is headed for nowhere in the forthcoming elections. If you have persons like Fayose already going solo, then you are finished as a party. Modu Sherif’s members have already pitched tents with the APC whilst he himself is making overtures to join them soon.



Good ambition Mr. Fayose but is PDP and North ready to succumb to your will? My take is Nop!



Fayose knows what he is doing. He knows the position is zoned to the north this time, all this gragra is so that he will be chosen as the VP.



Smart guy. He is positioning himself for appointment should the PDP wins the 2019 presidential election.



I wonder why some people will be angry about the aspirations of others. Fayose can contest for any post he desires. He has not been convicted in any court of law for any offence. I know many are afraid of him because of his popularity among the common man and the downtrodden. None of our political office holders can beat him to that. People should learn to be objective and courteous in their comments rather than senseless condemnations and piggish rantings. Fayose! My hero!


Moses Regent:

He is always a joker. I wonder why PDP are taking him serious


The prophet:

Fayose for Biafra president. Ride on. IPOB and MASSOB are behind you.




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