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Here are the real victims of PSquare’s squabbles

It is no more news that the singing duo, PSquare  (Paul and Peter Okoye) and their older brother (Jude Okoye) are not on good terms right now. The reason being allegations and counter allegations hovering around them. Though, none of them except Peter has made an official statement on the animosity, it can be loudly heard in Paul’s recent post on Instagram where he claimed someone is jealous of his twins, that he.was referring to his twin brother, Peter.
However, with expectations of possible split of the twins, it is important to reveal the real victims of their disunity.
Many might assume their action will only affect their careers as musicians, and their audience who are lovers of good music.  But looking inwardly, there is more to this than anyone can imagine. Having lost their parents, the major victims of Psquare’s split are their siblings and their immediate families (most especially their immediate families).
Aside sharing their available fans, they would also have to stick to their immediate families who wouldn’t have any other choice than to support their husbands and fathers.
On Jude’s part, though he might have no fans to lose being a backstage man, his wife, Ifeoma Umeokeke, a model and former beauty queen who won Miss Tourism in the 2012 edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Port Harcourt will have to lay low with her husband and her two daughters.
On the other hand, their two daughters (2 year old Emma and her newly born sister) will have limited or no access to their cousins. This unarguably isn’t a nice beginning for the young happy kids.
On Mr P’s (Peter) side, his older wife, Lola Omotayo, a half Nigerian, half Russian graduate of theatre arts from San Francisco University is also a victim. She might as well be a big victim as there are speculations that most members of the Okoye’s clan didn’t support her marriage to Peter initially. Coupled with this is the first hand allegations made by her husband who claimed his other brothers wanted him and his wife dead. His two children, Cameron and Aliona are also victims of the whole story.
They are at the higher probability of suffering seclusion as they would not be able to mingle with their cousins. After all, their father once said that no family is more important to him than the one he created. It can be said that there are no troubles between Jude and Paul, only Peter has issues with each of them. This has posed his immediate family as the biggest victims of the whole saga.
Paul, on his own side, will have the other four members of his own family which include his wife Anita Isama, his first son Andre and his twins, Nathan and Nadia, as victim of the split. Anita who claimed she met her husband when she was sixteen and started dating him when she turned eighteen might have to stay clear of Peter’s family, if Jude’s is not included. Her children will also miss the association of their cousins as they won’t be allowed to visit or even play together.
Aside their immediate families, they might also begin a fresh war with their other siblings which include Lilian, Mary, Christopher,Tony and Henry, as they might be accused of taking sides.
– Azeezat Kareem



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