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Fayose’s N93.4 billion 2017 budget drama excites scores

Dressed in military fatigue on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, for the presentation of next year’s budget to the House of Assembly in Ado Ekiti (Ekiti), Governor Ayodele Fayose’s drama is the subject of excitement on the internet.

The N93.4 billion 2017 budget presentation has been over shadowed by the attire and statement of the controversial governor.

Here are some of the views expressed…


Babalola Kayode Wasiu

This guy is suffering from personality disorder


Abe Olorunyomi Victor

Here’s the time all hands must be on desk for EKITI rescue mission……enough of Fayose’s overbearing.


Anthony Obekpa

He should be arrested for impersonating.


Ameh Owoicho

Am afraid Fayose is not representing a responsible democratic government.

My Sincere apology to Makarfi.


Tokpo Coronation

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, presenting the 2017 budget estimates to the state House of Assembly.

Motor parks no dey Ekiti?

That is where this man is needed.


Taiwo Enirayetan

This governor is just enjoying himself having fun and some people are having sleepless night ontop im matter… I laffed in Aiyede Ekiti


Mccoy Okpanachi Sam

I see no reason why u pple wil feel bad for gov fayose, for wearin camouflage.i don’t kw hw dat hav affected d economy of nigeria.those who wear caftan 2 present budget end up paddin and inconclusive budget .and for dos who feel fayose is d only 1 hu hav committed crime shuld check trump pics.datz Trump wit camouflage during 1 of his campaign.


Wonu Ola

If na another civilian wear this kaki army go dey show face…Nigeria laws and constitution is for the poor masses


Sleek-Chuksi Eguzoikpe

My God 😂. Fayose is more interested in theatrical displays that will end up in the news rather than working.


Felix Dakup

The legislature are nt to be allowed to be besiege by the executives .this man is truncating democracy


Abe Olorunyomi Victor

You refused to accept dat anything camouflage belongs to the military. is Fayose GCFR? Continue misleading the arrogant man.


Breakthrough Uchenna

That is not what he meant. He was trying to illustrate that he knows what is good for ekiti as their leader. That statement could be made by anybody that has good relationship with his people to drive a point. But you are dishonest in your dealings with issues that has to do with Nigerian in general. The statement made by Kano state governor about Rivers election was very derogatory and destructive


Esse-vinceezealloDee Ologun

Guy, it’s irrelevant what the governor wears, so long as his budget proposal is relevant to the people of Ekiti state and will help promote its economy and provide jobs for them.


Ngozi Onyebuchi

Of course he is the chief security officer of Ekiti state



Let him finish dancing his reggae dance, his long list of charges are waiting for him. You Igbos that call him gallant & all would hear how they caught him hidden under a fuel tanker trying to cross the border after his tenure. We will be here. We will see it.


Anonymous said…

Fayose has successfully upstaged baba suwe & baba sala. Thumps up comedian governor of ekiti state


imoudu ojehiru said…

Bro u’ve gotten the much recognition u’ve been looking for, so can just stop being stupid already?….#tonzo


Anonymous said…

Putting on a camouflage outfit is no big deal in other climes, except in Nigeria where various arms of our military are known to appropriate colors…..olive green for the Army, sky blue for the air force and dark blue for the Navy. There was a time in Nigeria when civilians had their motor vehicles impounded because their automobiles were painted in these colors. The Governor has the freedom to dress as he chooses. In the United States there are camouflage hunting outfits which can legally be purchased from speciality/sporting goods shops.


Samuel Chidima Uzoma JP

My dear it is political madness


Awofala Olamide

He needs some mental evaluation ASAP…That’s so unheard of I mean what was he thinking to have worn a camo to present a budget. Is it some kind of camouflage just to deceive as usual?? I mean that guy needs to be called to order for his so many excesses


OJ Lawal

This guy believes he is always right (well even a mad man believes he is always right in the world he dwells that’s the norm. However, he know s what seems right, he knows when hunger strikes, he must eat bread) Moreso, I Don’t blame him as such when the Obas (the elder statesmen) who are in the position to call him to order were applauding and shaking hands with him cos of the stomach infrastructure that will purge the future of there children and generations coming.


Lekan Bright-Kolade

This man has brought Ekiti State where the highest number of intellectuals are produced to opprobrium. This state is expected to be growing positively and not this way.


Funmi Jencyn

This is what jona bequeathed to d Ekitis n yet none of his supporters see anything wrong with this… Buhari has not done up to a quarter of d anomalies fayose did n still doing, yet fayose n his wailers wail from morning to night… anyway what do u expect from pdpigs?


Olumuyiwa-daniel Falola

Hey sorry my chairman 2018 is around the corner to once again decide the future of the state. Your governor only wants people to see that the same thing is done in Ekiti as done by others in APC so that no one will ask what his administration is doing, unfortunately you have no state house of assembly. Fayose dictates what happens in that chamber. I feel your pain


Yacub Salih

Ekiti has become Agbero personal fiefdom. He can do and undo…he’s the North Korean leader of Ekiti State.


Joseph Idehen

Tell am say make he wear it to Ojo Barrack or Army Cantonment Ikeja if body no go tell am say khaki no be ledder.




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