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Nollywood beauty, Halima Abubakar speaks on her new deal with Tutti Water

United Nations (UN) peace ambassador and star actress, Halima Abubakar has started 2015 on a high note as she bagged an endorsement deal with Tutti Water.

The Kano born beautiful thespian shared her joy on the deal with ENCOMIUM Weekly in a recent chat…

halimaCongratulations on your endorsement deal with Tutti Water. How does it feel representing the brand?

I feel great. Just like any other person celebrating a breakthrough or a feat accomplished. It is a marvellous feat and I’m grateful.

Give us some details. How much is the deal worth?

Money can’t be discussed on the pages of newspapers. I’m not in the position to discuss that.

How long will it run?

It is a year deal. The extension depends on our agreement.

With an ambassadorial role comes more responsibility. How would you ensure this doesn’t affect your career?

I don’t allow anything distract my work. I have been an ambassador for years now. I multi-task and I’m quite great with multiple jobs at a time. When it is time to give my service, I do it extremely well. People know that.

Away from that, tell us what you are working on currently?

I’m about going on set for my first production of the year on my stable. We are starting the shoot on Monday, January 12. Thanks for asking.

How many movies did you feature in 2014?

I shot about 16 movies or more without exaggerating. I even was indisposed for the better part of last year but still I woke up.

How well did they fare in the market?

Oh, it was great success (laughs). They were fantastic! Chocolate Pinging Saloon, The Wannabe, Monica were all movies I played lead and were hits.

Which has been your most challenging role so far in your acting career?

I can’t point to a particular movie as my best or most challenging because every movie was challenging. God bless the writers and producers and all those that were involved in the jobs.

What do you think directors see in you as an actress that stands you out from the others?

What else will they see but the interpretation that I can give. That’s enough. I have won awards because of that. I give my best or I try well at least.

halimaWould you say you have achieved the aim for which you went into acting in the first place?

Yes, I have without a doubt. I have people who look up to me as their role model and I’m a peace ambassador. I’m proud of myself.

How is your entertainment company doing?

It is doing great! Modehouz is a production company and growing daily. We also print calendars and customized stuffs.

Have you produced any movie under Modehouz?

Yes, I have produced a movie and a documentary-drama which is on AfricaMagic, Irokotv, and loads of other outlets.

Do you have any artiste signed on?

Yes. My artiste, Yungissy’s album is ready with hit singles like Kpere and Fine Girl doing well on music platforms including notjustok, iTunes, Amazon, 9jabaze, YouTube and other channels.

What’s your assessment of the Nigeria movie industry in the past year?

Nollywood is growing and soon will be properly positioned.

If you could, what would you change about the movie industry in Nigeria?

I will change the bad culture of quacks, and the cliques and pull down syndrome we have. I will carry everyone along and not listen to side talk tales and eradicate tribalism.




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