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November COSON week! It is now time to burn the midnight oil – Tony Okoroji

Chairman Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji, has said that the time has arrived to burn the midnight oil to ensure that the upcoming COSON Week 2015 which holds from November 1 to 7 is the World Cup of entertainment in Nigeria or better still, the Olympic Games of showbizzness in the country, in accordance with the repeated promises made by COSON.

According to Okoroji, “The elections in Nigeria are over and the elected officials are trying to find their feet. We have just had the magnificent COSON 5th Anniversary Celebrations and Roll of Honours Ceremonies. Nigerians have a right to ask about the seven days of magic which we promised earlier in the year. COSON is an organization bound by its words. I therefore want to restate categorically that the COSON Week will explode from November 1 to 7, this year and the time has now come to continuously burn the midnight oil so that we deliver everything we have promised”

Chief Okoroji who has been on tour of Europe and America in the last couple of weeks said that COSON is able to do magnificent things because at COSON, the bar is always set very high and everyone is tuned never to stop learning.

In the words of the celebrated former President of PMAN, “in everything we do, we make every effort to be original. While we study what others are doing, we do not recycle what is out there. We set the trend

‘From November 1 to 7, 2015, the COSON Week will explode with seven mega events in seven different enchanting venues in Lagos during seven magical days with each of the seven events having its own unique theme, style and presentation. You will not attend a COSON Week event and not remember it for the rest of your life’

Speaking further, Chief Okoroji says, “The planning and logistics are mind boggling. That is why I say to all those partnering with us: sponsors, advertisers, artistes, broadcasters, designers, technicians, etc., that this is the time to come on board so that we can make history together. I do not believe that you can do great things without working hard. We have a date with history from November 1 to 7. It will therefore be hard work, night and day from now to November.

Said Chief Tony Okoroji, “For years, I have been talking about a 24 hour economy for Lagos state built on our tremendous creative energy with enormous employment and revenue potentials. I am happy that Governor Ambode is on the same key. He is seeing what I saw. We are singing the same song. We are on the same page. If he is willing to partner with us, we are ready”

It will be recalled that when he was earlier asked what Nigerians should be expecting from November 1 to 7, the widely read author and columnist had said, “From November 1 to 7, 2015, you should expect awe inspiring events different from anything you have seen before. You know me well and you know that I do not mess around. I am a professional and do not want my name ever associated with any ‘cut and join’ event. Whatever I say, we will do, we will do. At the COSON Week 2015, we will raise the bar of entertainment in Nigeria. You will notice that by January 2015, ten months before the events, we had started planning and advertising. We take our time. Once we are through with the general elections, we will switch over and begin to dish out the juicy details of COSON Week 2015. Fasten your seat belts everyone!”

Okoroji who started the organization of major entertainment award events in Nigeria with the epoch making Nigerian Music Awards which attracted presidents, governors, ambassadors and stars from around the world, also spoke about the COSON Song Awards. He spoke as follows: “Anyone who was at the last COSON Song Awards can bear witness to the fact that it was different from any other award event you have seen anywhere. It had flash and pizzazz but still had a deep story line. You could feel the enormous pre-production work that went on before the event. As producer, that is my style. I want to always give you top rate entertainment that keeps you on the edge of your seat but also has intellectual depth. The COSON Song Awards will hold on Saturday, November 7 in Lagos. It will round off the COSON Week 2015 with indescribable fireworks. You want me to tell you about the COSON Song Awards? The only way to describe it is wow!!!










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