Palace unusually quiet as Olori Wuraola fails to return

The palace of the Oonirisa of Ile Ife (Osun state) has refused to respond to enquiries about the whereabouts of Olori Wuraola, wife of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, following rumours of their marriage troubles.

Three days after palace sources claimed the wife of the King was on her way back to Ile Ife from Lagos, she has yet to arrive the ancient town.
And the official palace spokesman, Moses Olafare has avoided picking our calls as he failed to respond to our messages.
In the last three days, has called him several times. And the two times he picked the call, he claimed he was in a meeting or yet to get to the palace, after we asked about Olori Wuraola’s whereabouts. He advised we should call back – and he has avoided picking’s calls since then.
And in the morning of Saturday, August 19, Benin princess Olori Wuraola-Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi who became the wife of Ooni on March 12, 2016, was yet to arrive at the palace.
Insiders claimed she has been away from the palace for weeks!
While palace sources believe she was in Lagos earlier in the week as the rumours of her troubled marriage raged, insiders stated that she was in Abuja. On Friday, August 18, she was being expected in Lagos.
The stories of the marriage crisis of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and Olori Wuraola broke in the afternoon of Monday, August 14, but two denials have been issued by the palace.
On Tuesday, August 15, Moses Olafare told “I don’t think there’s any need to comment on that as there’s no iota of truth in it. I think it’s just a calculated attempt targeted at distracting Baba from all the good works he’s embarking on. And that’s not possible. It’s just a baseless rumour and product of idleness. There’s peace in Ooni’s home.”
Olori Wuraola’s press secretary (Abraham Adedeji) also issued a statement on Wednesday, August 16: “

“It has come to the attention of our office – the slanderous rumors and sensationalist distortions about Her Majesty, Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi through unnamed and unseen sources. The sources are also citing deplorable claims involving Her Majesty Wuraola and that of prominent businessmen in Nigeria, all of whom are good friends of the King and Queen & financial contributors to projects that have advanced our good work in the communities of Ife and Nigeria as a whole.

“We are deeply disturbed by these rumors and there is absolutely no truth to these absurd claims of infidelity and we vehemently deny them.

“Due to the nature of the allegations and the attempt to defame the character of the Queen and embarrass well respected friends of our Palace, we have immediately employed legal counsel to investigate their origin to take necessary action against the perpetrators.

“Please be advised, that in this digital age, digital footprints can lead to your identification. We stand firmly together, in our commitment to our peace and the truth.”



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