BEJEWELLED OBIOMA IMOKE – The jewels of Obioma Imoke dazzled and glittered, and had many gawking.


TWO TIMES A WINNER – Anita Isama was a picture of gorgeousness in her attires of George wrapper and sequined tops on the two occasions she changed. Her co-ordinated beads and head gears added some elements of grandeur to the ensembles which were befitting on her most joyful day yet.


GOV. AMAECHI OPTS OUT OF TRADITIONAL GARB – The governor of good people of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, who arrived without any airs and fanfare opted out of the traditional garb recommended at such ceremonies. His Etro-like combo (remember the designer obsessed with colourful fabrics?) suited him well.


GEORGE WRAPPERS REIGN SUPREME – Among the well-settled and comfortable-in-their-skin, George wrappers were the first choice. The embroidered and sequined fabric, paired with lacey and shimmering tops favoured by our people from the South-East and South-South dominated the event.


STRONG BOND – The strong bond strengthened by blood was evident in the miens of the Okoyes and Isamas as they aligned with their son and daughter to make the day memorable and enjoyable.


LET’S GO DANCING – Paul and Anita Okoye visited the dance floor many times – and swaying and jiggling gave them joy.



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