set to release latest single, Sambalete

AJIBOLA Olumuyiwa Danladi, popularly known as Danny Young, needs no introduction.  The chocolate-skinned artiste is also an instrumentalist, producer and studio engineer.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him at his Lekki, Ajah, Lagos residence on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, where he told us about his plans for 2015, his yet-to-be-released single, Sambalete and more…

How would you describe 2014?

2014 was a wonderful year.  It was productive and competitive.  A lot of artistes came out last year and it was a success story.  2014 for me, was preparation for 2015.

Danny-Young--e1392389727489What were some of the highlights of 2014?

I did a couple of projects.  We released Kunle Ole. It was actually released in 2013 but we dropped the video in 2014.  We did Omo lepa featuring Olamide.  We shot the video of Omo lepa in London.  We are preparing for our 2015 mega project, that is why I said 2014 was like the foundation of our 2015.

What are your plans for 2015?

Danny Young has been in the game for quite some years now.  This year, we are trying to beef up Danny Young brand, in terms of releasing songs back to back including videos, going on tour of Europe, America and Africa.  We are releasing a new album as well, but it’s not just about releasing an album.  There must be a couple of hit songs, that is what we are about to achieve in 2015.

Would you say music is working for you?

Yes!  Music is working for me 100 per cent.  Music is the foundation of everything I do.  I am an entrepreneur. If I wasn’t doing music, other things I am doing might not work for me. Music has been good to me.  I have made a lot of money through music.  It gave me a lot of connection and fame.  I am blessed.

Nothing has been heard from you for a while now?

Who said so?  (Laughs)  People that said so are not informed.  Like what I said, we dropped a couple of hit songs. A lot of people believe you should release songs every month.  It is not about that, as big as Jay Z is, he doesn’t drop songs every month.  Beyonce doesn’t drop songs every month.  It’s about songs that will make impact.  We know how to drop songs too.  When you say a song is evergreen, you can’t have 10 evergreen songs.  You have to leave space to think outside the box.  But if it is what the fans want, because that is the trend we shall play along to satisfy them, but not every month.

What is your greatest fear?

To lose, I don’t want to lose.

So, what are you working on at the moment?

We are working on the new project for 2015.  We are dropping a new single soon entitled Sambalete.  We are shooting the video soon and we are dropping the video of Bisola, that is going to be the first two videos they should be expecting from me.

Are you featuring any artiste?

Yes, but I don’t want to mention names. On Sambalete, it’s just Danny Young.

People alleged you are into yahoo-yahoo, is it true?

Yahoo-yahoo (laughs).  Anyway, its normal, it’s just the challenge of being a celebrity.  Let people talk, but to clear the air, I am not into yahoo-yahoo. The only thing I know is yahoo-mail.

What is your take about the music industry?

The Nigerian music industry has come of age.  It has experienced a lot of change, improvement with more artistes, producers and globally acceptable songs. Our productions are improving tremendously, corporate organizations now associate with the industry.  When they talk about African music, they mention Nigeria.  We are ahead in Africa, we are going global and I am happy to be part of history.

As the official musician of Gov. Mimiko of Ondo State, how has it enriched your pocket?

Did they say I used the relationship to make money?  I was only performing my civic social responsibility. It was not a money making venture.  If you are doing anything good, we would sing for you.

Aside music what else do you do?

I am an entrepreneur and a producer.  I do business.  Like I said, everything I do, music is the foundation.

When is Danny Young getting married?

Marriage is not something you just rush into. I still want to make more money and be successful.  And I seriously look forward to getting married some day.

Are you in a relationship or still searching?

I am not in any relationship, but if I would be in any relationship, it will be with my fans.  All my female fans I love them so much.





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