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Shocking reasons ASUU is still on strike

Academic Staff Union of Universities is yet to come to good terms with the Federal Government of Nigeria over the ongoing strike which has brought all academic activities in Federal and state universities to a halt.

ASUU decided to go on strike again indefinitely on Monday, August 14, 2017, due to the reasons stated below.


  1. Nigerian Universities library resources are outdated and manually operated, bookshelves are home to rats and cockroaches.
  1.  In most inprovised cage called hostels in Nigerian Universities, there is no limit to the number of occupants.
  1.  Over a thousand students sitting on bare floor or peeping through window to attend lectures.
  1. The teaching staff-student is embarrassing very high in many Universities
  1. University administrators spend millions to erect super gates when their libraries are still at foundation level; expend million to purchase exotic vehicles for university officers even though they lack basics classroom furnishings.
  1.  Most state universities charge commercial rates for unfit and unsuitable hostel accommodation.
  1. No Nigerian academic is in the league of Nobel laureates or a nominees of Nobel prizes.
  1. There are only 2 registered patents owned by Nigeria academics in the last 3 years.
  1. Nigeria Universities instead of having 100 percent Academic having PhD qualifications, only about 43 percent do so. The remaining has no PhD.
  1. 95% of Nigerian universities are bottom heavy, with junior lecturers forming large chunk of work force).
  1. UNN and UDUS have the highest number of abandoned projects.
  1. Some of the abandoned projects in Nigerian Universities are over 15 years old, and some are over 40 years old.
  1. 80% of Nigerian Universities are classified as “Glorified Primary Schools” where laboratories are non-existent.
  1. More than 50% don’t use public Address System in their OVERCROWDED lecture  rooms and  theatres.
  1. Disagreement between the union and government to include payment, not fractions, of staff entitlements and allowances.
  1. There is no relationship between enrolment and the tangible manpower needs of Nigeria.
  1.  In off-campus hostels, students are susceptible to extraneous influences and violence, prostitution and rape.
  1. Numerically, more support staff in the services of Nigeria Universities than the teaching staff they are meant to support.
  1.  Except Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, no University in Nigeria is able to accommodate more than 35% of its students.
  1.  Less than 10% of the universities use interactive boards.

– Alamu Oyindamola for 




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