StarTimes recounts milestones as it clocks 4

StarTimes has expressed its commitment to ensuring that Nigerians enjoy the best of digital television at an affordable price as it today turned four. The theme for its anniversary this year is Celebrating the Hope of Nigeria’s TV.

Speaking on the milestones of StarTimes since inception in 2010, Irete Anetor, Public Relations Manager of the NTA-Star Network, stated that StarTimes, as a beacon of hope for Nigerian television, is helping Nigeria realise its digital migration goal, as a platform for the process.

“We are strongly committed to ensuring that digital television is accessible and affordable to all Nigerians. Currently, we have more than 1.8 million subscribers meaning that these homes have access to affordable digital television; this we are proud of and we hope to achieve more in the coming months.”

So far, StarTimes’ digital television coverage has reached 32 cities. The pay-TV service plans to cover 16 more cities and increase the digital television coverage of Nigeria to 80 per cent in a couple of months. “StarTimes is spreading the reach of digital television access across Nigeria. This is in line with our commitment to ensuring that Nigerians enjoy the best of digital television, especially as we look forward to the 2015 deadline, for digital migration.

By the deadline we hope we would have realised 100 per cent digital television coverage of the country. Our vision is to help Nigeria migrate successfully from analogue to digital television; revolutionize the digital broadcasting industry and provide service that is affordable and available to all Nigerians. Moreover, we were actively involved in Nigeria’s broadcasting milestone when Jos, the pilot city for digital migration, switched over to digital TV broadcasting; our system was used for the switch over,” he said.

Anetor said that the organisation would not relent in providing rich content and quality service to its customers.

“Prior to StarTimes’ entry into the Nigerian market, the cost of pay-TV service was highly exorbitant but we entered the market with a different variation of pay-TV so that the average household could enjoy digital television.

We introduced the new technology, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) technology to the country. Nigerians can confidently migrate into digital space with StarTimes as we provide them with the latest technology in DTT operations  DVB-T2 technology  which will give over 80 channels of quality digital entertainment. StarTimes’ target is for every household in Africa to have access to pay-TV without compromising on the quality of technology as well as the content provided.”




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