Style doctor Uche Nnaji unveils Ouch! brand ambassadors

– Model Emerges Ouchman 2016


Ouch unveiled its 2016 collection on Thursday, February 25, 2016, at the rooftop of BLD By Play in Lekki Lagos. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you happenstances at the event.

Style influencers, fashionistas and friends of the brand were on hand at the intimate event. The event which doubled as the finale for the OUCHMan 2016 Search was hosted by the delectable Zina Anumudu and the dashing Ouch and Martini ambassador, Bryan Okwara.

Speaking at the event, the creative director of Ouch, Uche Nnaji said, “The 2016 collection themed, My Way is for the man who loves exclusivity in style, I am very happy to be associated with Bryan Okwara and Timi Dakolo this year and very proud of our new Ouchman.”

Award winning musician and the Voice Nigeria coach, Timi Dakolo was also announced as the new brand ambassador. The night of exquisite glamour and style was attended by a host of stars and media personalities like Audu Maikori of Chocolate City Group, Adebola Williams, Noble Igwe, Ifeoma Williams, Victoria Kimani, Mai Atafo, Denola Grey, Shade Ladipo, Tewa Onasanya, Kemi Adetiba, Swanky Jerry,Yomi Casuals, Danjuma and many others.

Model and actor, Charles Ujomu emerged the OUCH man 2016 ahead of other three finalists including Odache Obe, a banker, Francis Egwuatu, Mr Universe Nigeria and Otto Cannon, winner Gulder Ultimate Search viewer’s choice. The winner was announced by Nigeria Country Manager, Viacom and Image Consultant, Ifeoma Williams, RED Media co-founder, Adebola Williams, Style influencer/ CEO of 360, Noble Igwe and the style doctor, Uche Nnaji.


‘We need who wants to stand out from the crowd’ – Uche Nnaji

How does it feel unveiling the face and the ambassador of Ouch?

Feels fantastic.

What is the essence of having a face and an ambassador of Ouch!?

A face is more of the Ouchman, someone we are set to add value to his life by using him to activate most of our products online. While the new brand ambassador shares similar values with the brand and so on, his platforms become a voice for us.

Why the choice of Timi Dakolo as the ambassador of Ouch!?

He embodies some of the brand DNAs, such as stability, focus, masculinity, determination, sartorial IQ…to name a few

Tell us about your present collection?

The My Way collection just like previous collections had a strong influence from feedbacks collated from our Ouchaholics (Customers). We decided to have a collection for the gentleman who appreciates his sartorial uniqueness and wants to stand out from the crowd.

This collection which has a strong mass customization element gives the man of style the opportunity and privilege to create his outfit to suit his taste. We can’t call it bespoke because part of the garments are already made, we just kept the same fabrics we worked with so the Ouchaholic can determine his preferred style of waistcoat or pants he wants in this collection. By doing this, they are customizing their look for this collection. To compliment these looks are some iconic wears that we have also introduced like the sleek bow tie which is perfect for native attires and also formal wears.

How did the audience receive it?

It was well received and more positive remarks are coming in.

What is business like generally?

Business keeps getting better by the day. We have no reason to say otherwise.

When are you unveiling your next collection?

Why don’t we keep our fingers crossed.


‘It feels like a dream’ – Charles Ujomu (The Ouchman)

1-IMG_1068How does it feel been the face of Ouch!?

In all sincerity, it feels like a dream. I have visited a number of Ouch stores and said to myself “Someday, maybe I, too will hang on that wall”. Right from the time OC Ukeje represented the brand, the moment I saw the style doctor working for the President of Nigeria, I knew I had to be on that wall. Maybe I am over thinking it but to be an Ouchman feels legendary.

What gave you an edge over other competitors?

The judges had the final say in that matter. I don’t and have never considered the way I look to be an edge over another man. In fact I was worried about my fellow competitors being more knowledgeable than me. If at any point I was ever perturbed during the screening, it was the question and answer section. I did the best that I could and I guess it was still enough for me to win. Many might say I won because of my years of experience as a model and actor but I doubt that.

How will you represent the brand?

It’s just some days away and I am already getting calls from fans and friends wanting to patronize the brand in volume. I guess, we can say this is one way I will affect the brand. It also entails looking fabulous always in an all Ouch outfit or in an Ouch piece or two in all public appearances that will speak well for the brand.

Did you think you would win the competition?

I wasn’t always certain. I had my doubts because I didn’t know exactly what the brand is looking out for. It seemed as if all the contestants had a little bit of it all but I guess on the average, I had it all.

Recap the experience of the competition?

It all started on Instagram when a family friend tagged me on the advert for the next Ouchman. I thought it was not something I shouldn’t have bothered about because I felt the search for guys with more strong media presence but then like ants gathering over bread crumbs, more and more people kept tagging me and it built my confidence to follow through with the competition.

Each level was mentally exhausting and reminding me of how well prepared I should be for the next round. I couldn’t wait to get over the day of the finale because the tension was high and the suspense was too much. Even online supporters kept reaching out for updates when I had none to give. The final announcement was a feeling I hadn’t had too often. Everything went on slow motion for some seconds with flashing lights everywhere.

Mentally, it felt like was hanging on a cliff. I felt more than a winner, I felt wanted.


‘I am happy to be part of this’ – Timi Dakolo

“Ouch has built a good reputation for itself over the years, that is the kind of reputation any artiste would love to be associated with. “I feel privileged and I am happy to be associated with this premium brand Ouch!”



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