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Tagbo, DJ Olu and Chime’s tragic deaths still unresolved

The deaths of Tagbo Umeike (35), Olugbemiga Abiodun (24) and Chime Amaechina Jude (23), four days apart in the first week of October, have remained largely unsolved.

The Lagos Police Command, which promised a logical and quick resolution of the untimely deaths, have not updated Lagosians about how and what led to the end of the young men.
More than a week after Tagbo’s death on Tuesday, October 3, DJ Olu and Chime’s on Saturday, October 7, we are still dancing in the arena of speculation.
All we know about Tagbo is that he died of suffocation and his corpse was dumped at the General Hospital in Lagos Island by Davido’s Hilux escort vehicle driver and two accomplices.
How he died of suffocation, when and where he passed on and what he ate, drank and smoked in his final hours were not answered.
For DJ Olu and Chime who died in a BMW car in an underground garage in Banana Island (Ikoyi, Lagos), theirs is even more mysterious.
They bled from the nose and mouth.
Family members have listed poison and a strange figure in hooded top caught on CCTV camera dropping something in the car.
What they ate, drank and smoked as well as what happened in their last hours are the subjects of speculation.
Police promised thorough autopsies and public announcement of the reports as we all wait for a resolution of the deaths we can learn from…



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