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Top technical tragedies travelling Nigerians face

We are in the age of technology and a large number of people have some sort of gadget or app to assist them with almost everything.

As these gadgets make for the smooth running of daily tasks, users have become extremely dependent on them so much so that they can barely function without them; they go everywhere with them, including trips or vacations.

Admittedly, travelling with a smart gadget such as a phone, laptop or camera is essential as it makes booking flights and hotels, capturing images and happenings, sending messages and even keeping tickets organized a breeze. However, it has its down moments when users are bombarded with a slew of unexpected challenges.

If you are yet to face any of these hitches,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site has highlighted 4 of them to help you prepare yourself for the inevitable.


Dead battery

The most common dilemma as almost every tech gadget including phones, tablets, laptops and cameras, use some sort of battery, the issue of the dead battery is the worst thing that could happen to anyone on a trip. Imagine being lost in an unknown location or an area where you cannot speak the local language, and your phone battery is dead. You will certainly have a difficult time as you will not have any means to contact anyone, especially if you also do not have the charger or a place to charge. The dead battery is a huge tragedy as it can cramp your travel style and turn your trip into a nightmare. It always pays to carry an extra battery and your charger at all times.


Lost or broken gadgets

The thing about tech gadgets is that everyone wants to have one even if they cannot afford it, so it is an easy target for thieves and pilferers. Losing you gadget while on a trip can be a huge disaster as it leaves you totally handicapped, especially when it is your cellphone where you have all your contacts, including the address of your hotel and the details of your trip saved. With the struggles of travelling, there is also a high chance you might misplace your gadget, maybe a camera or an Ipad and you are faced with similar challenges. It is essential to put a tracker on your devices so you can easily find them when they get missing, and also, be very cautious in the way you handle them.


System Crash

Have you ever been on a device maybe a laptop, tablet or even a phone and without any pre-warning, it just goes blank, shuts down and you lose all forms of access to the data saved in its memory? A system crash is anyone’s nightmare, especially when you are on a business trip and you are due for a presentation. It is a huge disadvantage and can leave you totally distraught as there is very slim chance that you can reverse fault in a short time. Before embarking on a trip, ensure you backup all your systems on external drives, scan for viruses and clean your devices.
Loss of data or file version conflicts

With the help of technology anyone can save any kind of information digitally, no matter how large or small either on a device memory or on external hard drives. However, much as this method of saving data is convenient and less laborious, it can sometimes prove unreliable. In those cases, you lose files or you find that a file saved in a particular version on a certain system proves incompatible to another system. In dire cases, you could lose the data in transition – while transferring the files. Also, these digital formats are easily attacked by viruses of not properly protected, all leading to a possible pause or delay in your intended trip. To avoid this problem, it is usually better to uses online file storage systems including Google drive, Box or Dropbox as they allow everyone to see the same thing at the same time, no matter where they are or what format it is. Also, the files a heavily secure and there is 0% chance of loss.




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