Ridiculous reasons couple divorce (2)

Couples have different reasons for walking out of their marriage. And there are many silly and funny reasons some husbands and wives tender in divorce proceedings. So, here are some…


  • Jonathan Samuel,40, divorced his wife Victoria, 35, with immediate effect after meeting her dancing at home in front of their television. The divorce proceeding took place in Mapo Court in Ibadan, Oyo state. Jonathan had warned his wife on different occasions over watching ‘ungodly’ channels like the music channel she was tuned to when he came in to meet her dancing. He has even threatened to sell their television set because his wife is addicted to watching television. According to him, “I am a devout Christian, there are some music I don’t believe in listening to. My wife will not only listen but will also dance along, I have corrected her severally but she is adamant.”
  •  36 year old business man Peter Nelson divorced his wife of six years in an Ado Ekiti customary court for too much drinking and smoking.

According to him, “I came back from a business trip one day to perceive alcohol and cigarette in the house. I asked my wife and she had no explanation until she came home drunk one day.”

Felicia, 32, a trader defended herself: “It is true that I drink and smoke but it has not caused any harm to my marriage. I still love my husband but I am not ready to quit drinking and smoking.”

  • Elvis Alade, 47, a trader and wife, Susan, 39, took their case to an Agege Customary Court, Lagos, because her husband, Elvis wears lady’s pant.

“I am fed up of my marriage, I am tired of my husband, he is becoming annoying. He wears lady’s pant every day. It was funny at first but now irritating. Can you imagine, trying to identify your pant from your husband’s. Of recent, he brought some tiny ropes called pants, he told me he saw them and liked them. I cannot continue like this, court help me, my husband is turning to a woman.”

  • Haruna Adamu, a 33 year old artisan divorced his wife, Hadiza at an Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, because she is too slim. According to Haruna, I used to like slim ladies before we got married but having two children, I expected her to add more flesh. “I am tired of her. Even at night, I don’t see where to hold, everywhere is full of bones. She has refused to add weight saying that she does not like to be fat.”

Responding to the allegation, Hadiza said, “We don’t have a history of fatness in my family, I am okay like this. Please, separate us. He already has a fat woman he wants to bring in.”

  • Abosade Omokore, a 38 year old teacher, asked a Kogi state customary court, Lokoja to and her nine years marriage with her construction worker husband Michael.

She said, “My husband eats too much, he can finish a N200 bread at one sitting. Not only that, he drinks like a camel. At times, I wonder if he actually has a tank in his tummy.” If I cook for the whole house and we are not around, he will almost finish all the food in the pot before we come. With the way he behaves, I am afraid he will eat up one of us one day.”

Defending himself at the court, Michael said, “The nature of my work makes me eat a lot. Please, help me, I still love my wife”

  • Alakuko Customary Court, Alakuko, Lagos, dissolved the six year marriage between Bankole Tosin (33) and Titilope (28) after the husband complained that she is too neat.

Separate us, this woman will kill me because of her cleanliness. My wife is too clean. At times, I am afraid of going home because she will complain severally about my shoes, my clothes. I am fed up, please separate us. I can hardly drop anything in the house without her complaining. It is a terrible thing to be afraid to enter a place you paid for. I can’t go to that house again if she doesn’t leave.”

  • 45 year old Emmanuel Asala told Ikare Akoko Customary Court (Ondo) to dissolve his marriage to Busayo because she did not bring kitchen utensils from her father’s house. “How will a woman get married without a grinding stone, tablespoons, mortar, pestle, deep freezer and even serving plates?

“She did not bring any of these to my house. I don’t think I can continue with the marriage.” These were the words Emmanuel uttered in court. He even prayed the court should order Busayo to return all the things he listed because he bought them with his money.

  •  Adetire Adebola, a 40 year old carpenter, told an Ikeja high court (Lagos) to dissolve his marriage of five years because his in-laws often intervened when he beats his wife.

“She is a stubborn woman. They don’t want me to teach her a lesson. I don’t like it when her people stop me from beating her. It is either they take their daughter or allow me put sense into her head”, was what Adebola told the court during the proceeding.

  • Aderibigbe Allen and Sandra’s marriage of one year hit the rocks after Allen filed for divorce at Oluyole Customary Court (Oyo) because he was tired of sharing house chores. “We agreed on how to do the house chores but I am tired of washing unending plates piled up in the kitchen.

“I regret marrying her and agreeing to share house chores.” She is just too lazy.



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