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What annoys me most about my partner

We all have some annoying habits that have become die hard no matter how we try to get rid of them.

Here are some annoying habits some spouses shared with us about their better halves…


Bisola Akanji

One of my husband’s most annoying habits is during sex. We might be in the middle of the action and my husband is busy toiling with his phone. I was happy when Blackberry pinging stopped but he switched to WhatsApp now. That is the odd hour he finds time to reply some messages.


Chinasa Amechi

My own smokes in the presence of our children. I have talked him out of it but he seems not to care. Once I am at home, I take my son out of his sight.


Shola Ajibola

My husband is addicted to video games and he does that when we are having serious conversations. The most painful thing is it is when the matter is hurting me the most, he would ignore me and be playing games.


Jonathan Abel

My wife snores too much. I am usually afraid they would hear in the next building when she starts snoring. I have done all to no avail. It can be so annoying to hear her snore.


Bryan Dickson

My wife is obsessed with the Social media. She has no particular time she visits it, she is there almost every minute. She can snap more than ten times a day to post. I have gone to bed hungry a couple of times because of this. Her car is all dented as well because of social media. The only way I was able to reduce it was to get her employed. Even when she had her own shop, she would chat customers away till everything folded up and she got a paid job.


Carol Asadu

My husband can crack a baby’s knuckle. He has even done it to strangers, so I am not surprised. You can’t see us hold hands, before you know it you are already hearing those noise and I hate that habit.


Mr Akinmola Segun

I have not seen my wife use a blade to cut her finger nails before. She can nail bite a lot. Even when cutting the children’s nail, it is the same thing. I have tried all means to stop her from this habit to no avail.


Fisayo Adeola

My husband’s most annoying habit is farting. He can fart anywhere even in the kitchen or while we are eating. I just don’t understand why. And he used to flush his system periodically but it has not helped a bit.


Mrs Bukola Teniola

My husband has not flushed the toilet after using it ever since we got married. I don’t understand why. I had to talk to his mom and realized he was not like that while growing up. You can imagine after using the toilet, he would clean up and leave. I started flushing for him out of frustration, not that I like or enjoy it.


Mrs. Alice Ejeh

My husband loves wrestling but you dare not sit close to him while he is watching. He has given me black eye a couple of times that people started believing he was abusing me.


Mrs. Atteh Felicia

My husband discusses too much while we eat. That is when he would remember all the things we are to discuss in the middle of the meal. l love to sit quietly and enjoy the meal. Even when it is over salted, he wouldn’t even know.


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