Valentine special: Stars reveal their plans and love story (2)

‘Valentine’s our wedding anniversary’- EJIKE & OGECHI ASIEGBU

We would be celebrating Valentine here in Lagos. The season means a lot to us, since it is our wedding anniversary. How we are celebrating this, we wouldn’t tell the public so they won’t steal our idea.

Our most memorable Valentine was the eve of our wedding, we really celebrated love.

Bovi and Wife

Bovi and Wife

‘Every day should be Valentine’ – BOVI

Valentine’s Day has always been over rated. For me, everyday should be Valentine’s Day and the world would be a better place. You can actually love someone on a busy Monday.

‘We celebrate love everyday’ – VICTOR OSUAGWU
For us, Valentine is every day. We don’t have a special day to celebrate love. However, my wife and I would hang out to catch fun. The next day, we would reach out to the less privileged because they are also part of the Valentine.

I can’t remember a memorable Valentine because each celebration is unique in one way or the other.

osas‘I will be with my partner’ – OSAS IGHODARO

I can’t really tell, but it’s going to be nothing but love, by God’s grace. I will spend it in love and appreciate the opportunity and the blessing to be together with my spouse.

The first Valentine’s Day that I spent with Gbenro (my partner) was my most memorable. He surprised me, took me to Obudu Ranch (Cross River State). It was very romantic and surprising.

‘I will be celebrating Valentine with loved ones’- AKPORORO

Every Valentine adds a year to my age. I am so happy they postponed the elections because I have been praying for that to happen. So, this year, I will be celebrating with my loved ones and my fans.

Last year was my most memorable Valentine because I celebrated it in Manchester, UK. Also, it was memorable because Daddy Brown from The Redeemed Christian Church of God was there to pray for me. I actually travelled for a show but I got a surprise birthday party. It was memorable because all that he had prayed for in my life came to pass.

iyabo-ojo2‘I will be celebrating it with less privileged home’- IYABO OJO

My personal assistant’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. We normally hangout and have fun or visit the less privileged home and be a blessing to them because it’s all about sharing love, appreciating your loved ones and everybody around you. I am going to be in the spirit of Val.

Last year was, but every year is better for me. Last year, my children got me gifts and I also had the opportunity to visit visually impaired children. I was happy seeing those children, very lively, rejoicing. It was so touching. It was a blessing and I hope this year would be better.

‘We will enjoy the mood of the day’ – KAYODE SALAKO

I thought the presidential election would hold on Fe-Buhari 14. But since it has been shifted to satisfy PDP, our programme would have to change in line with the mood. On Valentine Day, I plan to spend it exclusively in a very good place with my wife, Foluke Daramola-Salako.

...with wife, Foluke

…with wife, Foluke

We are going to be hanging around Lagos and we will enjoy the mood of the day. As I have always said, Foluke and I are not people who are committed to materialism. We just cherish and appreciate quality life.

Because with consciousness for materialism, we can’t sustain the marriage. We don’t joke with our comfort and happiness. So, on Vals Day, we are going to be hanging in a place where we can be happy. And we will share quality time likewise. So, our Val shall be spent optimally in an undisclosed resort centre in Lagos.

‘This Valentine is a special one’ – FOLUKE DARAMOLA-SALAKO

Anyway, Valentine coincides with two other special occasions in my life which are my birthday and my wedding anniversary.

And now that the election has been postponed, we will go to a resort centre since it’s on Saturday and spend time there and still have the party the next day.

And my best Valentine was in 2012, when I met the love of my life. That period, I did not know he would be my hubby, because of the circumstances I met him. We met on the platform of his project, Change Agents of Nigeria Network, not knowing God had already ordained us as destined lovers and life partners. Since then, my Valentine has been of good quality and memorable one.

LIZZY‘I will be travelling to the US’- LIZZY AISHA ANJORIN

I would be travelling to the United States to have fun and relax. Every Valentine was memorable because I make sure I do something different. So, I look forward to a memorable Valentine this year.




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