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Valentine special: Stars reveal their plans and love story

+Low budget ideas to enjoy lovers’ day

Valentine Day, February 14, no doubt, remains important in the love calendar. It is a day set aside for the celebration of love, and records have it that some people prefer celebrating with the needy than going on a love tryst.

Valentine dates back to 496 AD in Rome, during the reign of Claudius II. Emperor Claudius II was involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns. And it was so difficult getting men to join the army. Married men did not want to leave their families; the younger men did not want to leave their families and sweethearts. The emperor who was angered by this had to cancel all marriages and engagements in Rome. Saint Valentine, who was a priest in Rome in the year 269 AD, defiled Claudius’ order and secretly arranged to join willing couples in front of the sacred altar. He became popular by this and garnered friends among the Romans.

The emperor, on hearing this, ordered for Saint Valentine’s arrest. He was dragged from the temple where a young maiden and a Roman youth stood ready to be married. And sentenced to death. But before he was put to death on February 14, it was believed that he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, whom he exchanged letters with while in jail. One of the letters he sent to the jailer’s daughter was signed by him thus, “From Your Valentine.”

In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius, set aside February 14 every year to honour Saint Valentine. Even though there had been changes in the date over the years, the celebration still centre around love and lovers.

Valentine day’s facts and figures provide us the growing popularity of the celebration. There are numerous third world economies that survive by the fact of the growing reputation of Valentine Day. The American and Netherlands economies became buoyant simply by exporting huge quantities of flowers on valentine Day. There are exquisite flowers, free of pests and other diseases, being exchanged across borders. It is recorded that the Miami International Airport receives 12 million to 15 million packs of roses daily in the peak of the season of valentine.

The flower business enjoys a boom on this day in the same way chocolate manufacturers do, due to high demand. Over three billion cards are sold worldwide on every February 14, just as eateries are opened till late in the night. Now that text messages (MMS) are becoming popular, the gateway to every network provider becomes jammed with messages being sent across Nigeria on each lover’s day. Interestingly, a high volume of fresh dates is created on this day, all over the world.


Gift shops across cities brace up to meet the demands of the day at every valentine, brining in new stocks and disposing off old stocks with discounts. Choosing a gift for Valentine can be very difficult, especially when there are varieties to choose from.

Generally, fresh flowers, jewelry, teddy bears, men’s wear, women’s wears, chocolates, cakes, sweets, red wines, photo frames, personalized gifts are preferable for friends.

For married couple, wrist watches, original after shaves are good for men; married women will love bangles made in bronze, designed necklaces, multi-coloured handbags, embroidered shawls, red onyx, pendants, beads, etc.

For a fresh romance, try a chocolate or a hot heart warmer, love duck, polar bear, etc.

For occasional dates, a card and flower will do.

For strong relationships, which are likely to end in marriage, a sexy wear or any evening wear, sexy lingerie, etc, will be an ideal gift.


On every Valentine day, going for a date has become the normal ritual to show that one is in tune with trends of the season. As fresh dates are created, those who are also separated use the opportunity to reconcile and mend fences. For fresh dates, here are some tips on how to go about it.

Try to meet the people in new ways through friends, events, work places, online, etc. Brush up your dating skills in new settings to increase your confidence. Don’t just ask somebody who really grabs your attention. You can even make a phone conversation. “Let’s have a coffee together,” is a good start. Ask when she is free and suggest a convenient venue for both of you.

Pick up dresses that you love and make you feel comfortable. The way you dress on a first date speaks volume. It shows your date you have gone the extra mile to make a good impression and will make you feel a lot confident and comfortable. Always be on time and never allow your date wait for you. If she is shy, start a conversation, eye contact and a smile’. Find something nice to say and the whole world is yours.




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