‘We are all products of sex’ – Alex Okoroji

Popular Nigerian actress, writer, television presenter, blog author, radio presenter, Alex Okoroji is a veteran, having been in the industry for the better of a decade.

The beautiful daughter of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) president, Tony Okoroji, spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on her career, radio show, how she will visit 14 cities around the globe this year…

What are you working on currently?

alex okoroji 3I’m working on so many projects. Some I’ve already talked about like expanding my blog, Alexandra N’ Her Naked Thoughts on, my new online talk radio show, The Naked Talk with Alex Okoroji on BlogTalkRadio as well my upcoming book, The Naked Experience…my book tours, I’m visiting 14 cities around the globe, the ABC webinars, I’m also working alongside other #4NL Think-tank and #4NL nation to rep Jimi Agbaje 4 New Lagos.

And I’m also editing and adapting a book written by my paternal aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Akujuo, who is a playwright, into a theatre piece and movie for production this year. There is a lot mapped for me in 2015. I can’t spill it all.

How is your radio show, Naked Thought doing?

Actually, it’s The Naked Talk, but I understand how easy it is to get it confused. My blog is about my naked “thoughts”. In the end, all my naked brands are simply using different mediums to promote ‘expression’ and awareness. I’m promoting the values of being open, vulnerable, transparent, honest and a presence of mind.

The radio show is an unfiltered live interactive talk show about real talk, no sugar coating, no lies and it’s doing well. It’s gone global with several interesting guests lined up from around the world. And my listeners can call into the show, talk to my guests and contribute.

I recently interviewed a famous American author and life coach, Nina Bingham whose teenage daughter committed suicide in 2013 and it was an honour having her share her true story and wisdom with my listeners. I’m also having popular American relationship expert and author, Cheyenne Bostock aka Ask CheyB on my next show and so many other pleasant surprises.

Tell us more about it. 

I can’t unwrap all my secrets, but I can tell you there’s so much to gain from listening to my show. It’s really a straight talk conversation about real life experiences, thoughts and issues every Wednesday as some of the greatest global icons, world leaders, entertainers, authors, life coaches, relationship experts, business gurus and extra-ordinary friends strip themselves naked in very revealing conversations like you’ve never heard before.

Of course, there has been technical challenge but we sorted it out. Anyone can listen to the show from anywhere in the world over the internet on their laptops, ipads, tablets or mobile phone browsers or by dialing using my listeners call in number. They can also catch the podcast on my blog, stitcher or download from my radio channel or on itunes.

Recently, on your show you talked about the use of sex toys. Would you advice the use of it? And why?

(laughs) There are no limits to the subjects discussed on my show, from life, love, relationships, sex to inspiration, et al. So, sex toys that is subject to preference. What I do is open up a conversation and see advantages or disadvantages if any. The most important thing is to have these conversations.

Because it’s okay to talk. Expression is a sign of strength not weakness and sex is a natural healthy aspect of life. It’s also a major form of expression. It’s society, culture and religion that skew the way we see it and treat the subject. For me, I’ll say do what makes you and your partner happy.

What was the general response when you discussed this topic?

People wanted to talk about it and listen to it. We got quite a bit of live listens and archive downloads. What it means is that people are interested in the subject of sex. Maybe it’s curiosity. Maybe it had to do with the controversial guest or just the fact that sex sells.

Truth is, I know there are lots of hypocrites who will swear by the word and still live their double standards. There’s nothing to be ashamed. We are all products of sex. It’s okay to talk about it and get educated on it. Besides, on my radio show, we don’t judge. We just promote expression as long as it’s honest and real.

So, how is your acting career doing?

It is doing okay. I’m combining other forms of art to my portfolio, so I’m not depending solely on that. That being said, I’m open to playing as many quality roles as I’m offered. I cut my teeth in television doing lots of quality TV soaps and series and some independent movies. But this year, I’m looking at doing more movies.

What has been your most challenging role? 

As for the most challenging, I’m waiting for more roles that would challenge my mind and those of the audience viewing. So far so good, but if I were to pick it would be playing the lead character in the movie, Hero’s Bride. Had to do a lot of singing and crying. Too emotionally draining (laughs).

Have you ever played a role in a movie that has threatened your marriage?

This question is a little late. None that I know of. Though I was married to an actor, despite the regular insecurity men have seeing their women with other men. I was married to a Ghanaian actor.

How do you balance motherhood, acting, radio show, and writing?

As a single woman, it is crazy. I am overworked and completely exhausted, I won’t lie. But I love challenges.

Who do you see as your role model?

Wow! That’s a tough one. I admire so many people for so many little different things. It’s like I can mix my own cocktail of people and get the perfect mentor. Anyway, for women in the creative business, I admire Omotola Jalade, she’s such a diva. But she clearly understands brand diversification. And I love that she stays relevant making meaningful contributions to the society.

I also admire Stella Damasus. As an actor, she’s an incredible talent, people compare us a lot and we have a fairly good rapport. She also is a gifted singer and that tells me you can build your brand as a household name combining all your talents. I love Uche Jombo, she’s very enterprising and her re-branding was right before my eyes.

Those are really gifted women beyond the media hype. There are so many other women I admire around the globe in Bollywood, Hollywood and even on my street. The woman who sells tomatoes and soup ingredients and everything else in between. She hustles hard. I admire her. I admire every strong, hard-working woman. It’s all in the seeds we sow.

What do you have to say to those that are looking up to you?

You have to work hard. It’s never too late to re-invent yourself. Like joke, I’m gonna be 10 years in the creative industry this December. Yet, I feel renewed and re-branded. And I know if you are consistent, you will get it. If you are persistent, you will keep it. Stick with your dreams. It will take you a while to get a clear direction on what part to go, but once you find your way, no one can stop you. Just don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t.




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