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‘What attracts us to women’ – men


When it comes to attraction, there are several reasons people get attracted to others. When it comes to attraction between opposite sex, men have the strangest and funniest reasons for getting attracted to women at first sight. For some, it is big boobs. For others, big bum. And some, both. While some are even attracted to a woman because of little things like toes, nails and soft palms.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some men to know which physical features attract them to women.




I love when a woman has big boobs and a fine face but it doesn’t mean I would go after every beautiful lady with big boobs. There are some other things to look out for.



I am physically attracted to light skinned ladies with big ass. I have a thing for light skinned ladies.



I’m attracted to a woman with big behind. She doesn’t even have to be too beautiful. As long as the ass is big, that’s all I need.



I love tall and beautiful women. A tall, dark skinned and good looking lady can win my heart any day.



I am easily attracted when I see a lady with big boobs, I don’t care if she has a small ass. All I am interested in are the boobs. They must always be something to play with when we’re at it.



I love a lady with big boobs and large ass. I love when a woman has the two attributes and is a bit plumpy, not fat but with little flesh in the right places.



A crazily attractive face, boobs to touch and hold and round hips. I love when a lady is curvy but the hips mustn’t be too big.



I love when a woman has boobs and ass plus a flat tummy. A woman with that kind of body totally turns me on. That type of body is called Coke bottle body.



I am attracted to ladies with beautiful legs, I mean clean, fresh, well manicured toe nails, sexy feet and long legs to go with. You just have fine face and fine feet and I am all yours.



I am attracted to tall, slim ladies, everything small, slim with small boobs and moderate ass. I am slim and wouldn’t want to carry overload.



I am attracted to ladies with very big behind. That’s the number one thing that attracts me to a woman.



I am easily attracted to tall, slim ladies. Anytime I see one I am always excited.



I love beautiful women, a beautiful woman automatically wins my heart. Beautiful and average size, every other physical attribute shouldn’t be way over the top.



I am attracted to a lady with well shaped boobs big or average sized, and good looking and radiant skin, and by good looking skin I mean natural skin not cream induced or bleached skin.



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