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Most attractive features men look out for in women (5)

A man can be physically attracted to a woman, without any feelings of love, and this form of attraction of purely primal and is focused completely on the body of the woman involved.

Relationships are built on a love based attraction. So, what’s important would be to know the traits in a woman, which men find most attractive and which make them fall in love.

More men speak about what attracts them to women…


I get attracted to tall and slim ladies. Once I see a lady, that’s the first thing I look out for. I just like it. My woman also has to be very respectful. I see a lot of lousy and rude girls these days, so I am also very particular about respect and humility.


I like women that are confident and are business oriented and very hardworking. Those are the basics for me. Whether she’s short or tall doesn’t even matter at all. As long as you have a very supportive and hard working woman, then all the stress won’t be on only you.

For me, that’s what is important.


What attracts me to a woman is her spoken English. I meet several tall and beautiful women daily and they can’t even speak simple English. So, for me, a lady that would attract me has to be very sound in spoken English, she also has to be very educated because I can’t even date an illiterate.


She has to be beautiful. She has to have a very good dress sense. For me, I like ladies who can dress well even when they don’t have so much clothes, they always look presentable. When we go out for functions she must make a statement.


I have noticed that I only get attracted to fair ladies. I don’t know the reason but I just like it when a lady is very fair, not bleaching kind of fair. I mean the natural one.

Aside that, I like ladies that know how to cook because I don’t play with my tummy. She must not be giving me one particular meal all the time. I like variety.


I don’t even have a particular specs, all I want is a God fearing lady from a good home who won’t give me hypertension. Whether she is five or ugly, it’s not my business.


What attracts me to a lady is her height. I like tall ladies. Apart from that, I like ladies who have sense of humour.


One has to be very careful so that you don’t get it wrong by thinking it’s about physical appearance. It’s the attitude of the woman that matters.

Once a woman is peaceful and fun to be with, then you have no problem. I don’t care about her physical appearance at all, that’s’ what life has taught me at this stage.


I love sexy ladies. Well shaped women get all my attention. Once she can be all sexy for me, then I am not looking elsewhere.

She must have enough of everything. She must not be too short or too tall.


My woman must be very neat. She must also be very hard working. A lot of women are of the opinion that it’s the man that should be in-charge of everything, it is not so. So, a hard working and independent woman is all I ask for.


I like very big boobs. I can’t even date a woman who is not well endowed. That’s what would even make me look at a woman, it’s her boobs. They must be very sufficient for me. The bum is not very important.

It’s only the boobs I am particular about. Another thing is attitude. I like women with the right attitude, not arrogant and all.




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