Most attractive features men look out for (4)

Even with the speed at which guys are going after ladies, they have their specs when it comes to choosing a partner. Some like the fair complexion lady while some like ladies with big boobs. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to guys on what attracts them to women…

attraction2Folami Ogunyemi

Beauty, physical structure, intelligence, diction.‎ All these are what attract me to a lady, they have to be complete, one must not be left out at all.

Tomiwa Babalola

Natural beauty, good body structure and intelligence. Those are the basics if one wants to remain in marriage forever. All these features make a woman whole.

Olubunmi Adeyera

The first quality that gets me attracted to a woman is the look, appearance determines who you are, her appearance tells me a lot about you, not too slim, shapy. Then with curves, burst and moderate bum. Not too big and not too smal‎l. Fine face, average height. I don’t like short girls. Flat tummy is also vital.

Biodun Ogunmefun

I like mine not too beautiful because I won’t have peace of mind. I won’t like a situation where I would have to be following her about, she should just be moderately good looking, I don’t want a beauty queen. She must also be able to cook different dishes well, because I like good food.

Jite Morgan

What attracts me to a woman is slim stature, light complexion, simplicity, smiling face, less makeup and a free thinker. I hate complicated ladies, ladies that would spend hours just to look fake, it annoys me, my own woman has to be natural, no pretence and so on.

1-Zena PartiOnipede Teledalashe

Good dress sense, character and high IQ. Beauty doesn’t even matter to me, she just has to be presentable and must have respect.

Jerry Wright

I don’t care about boobs and ass. I don’t like my woman taller than me. I have to be taller and she has to be ambitious, confident and business savvy. The physical appearance doesn’t matter to me.

Junior Owoeye

I like my woman very independent, not a woman who is waiting for a readymade man, no way, she should be of assistance too. It’s not only the man that should deal with all responsibilities, that’s just the basics for me, she must have a mind of her own.

John Adeyeye

What attracts me in a woman is her neatness, she has to be neat to her nails, I dislike dirty ladies and these days all we see is neat ladies on the outside and dirty on the inside. My own woman has to be neat in and out. I also like caring ladies, it attracts me a whole lot.

Jide Oyeyinka

I like my woman small, portable, so I would be able to lift her anytime. She must have big boobs also.

attraction3Collins Iwu

What attracts me to a woman is her sense of humour, she must have a huge sense of humour. So when I am having problems she would make me laugh away my sorrow and forget things.

Ojo David

I love my woman chubby, she has to have flesh, I don’t like bone at all. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

Chidi Nwachukwu

My woman must be very sexy, respectful, loving and a great cook. Women of nowadays are lazy, they can’t even cook a simple meal. So, one has to watch well these days.

Peter Bamiye

What attracts me in a woman first is her height, I am not so tall so my woman has to be taller than me so my children would be tall, that’s the first thing I check out for. I also like fair women.




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