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Most attractive features men look out for in women (6)

A man can be physically attracted to a woman, without any feeling of love. This form of attraction is purely primal and is focused completely on the body of the woman.

Relationships are built on a love based attraction. So, what’s important is to know the traits in a woman which men find most attractive and which makes them fall in love.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled some men’s opinion this week again on what exactly they find attractive in women…


It’s not just one thing that attracts me when it comes to a woman. If I am meeting a lady for the first time, I would take note of the way she talks, that’s the number one because I don’t like lousy women. If she is not lousy, I would get close to her and see the rest.

She must be able to cook well and dress well. She must be extremely caring also. I don’t even rush when it comes to dating, I take my time to get the best of the best.


Attraction is not even all about the body. It’s more about what that person does that makes you love her. It could be the way the woman talks, cooks, dresses or how caring she is. If one is after beauty or boobs, then it’s wrong because all that is vanity.

For me, I look at the way she carries herself. I must see the traces of a wife in her. She has to be a wife material. She has to be very calm also. All these are what matter to me.


What attracts me to a woman is her beauty. I also like tall ladies. I like my woman very attractive that other men would even be attracted to her. Some women just leave themselves, they don’t take good care of themselves. My woman has to be attractive all the time.

I check out for all these whenever I meet a lady.


It has to do with her poise and the way she carries herself. No guy wants to date a rubbish kind of person. Every man wants a pretty woman, a homely lady that would be able to take care of herself, her husband and the children. So, it’s more about that when I want to date a woman.


I like ladies that are fair, not bleached, then every other thing must be moderate. Her boobs, her bum must be moderate. She must also be very respectful. She must be very friendly and cheerful also.


I like it when a woman is supportive and playful. Most men always want to be in charge, but even the strongest men always want a soft place to fall.

We all need and want that woman that brings out the baby in us.


For me, a woman has to be very intelligent. Nobody wants to be with a stupid person. So, when a lady is smart and intelligent, it’s a huge turn on for me. I can’t stand a dumb lady.


What attracts me is a woman’s back side. It has to be inform and intact. The boobs should just be moderate not too small and not too big. All that are what I look forward to in a woman. If all that are intact, then we are good to go.


What attracts me to a woman is her beauty, natural beauty, not make-up kind of beauty. I love it when it’s all natural. I like fair ladies also but that’s not even a priority.

She must also be neat and moderately dressed. A lady that exposes her body is a turn-off for me. She has to be properly dressed and neat. Something that attracts me also is her sense of humour. We must be able to joke, laugh and keep discussions going. When all these are complete, then we are set.



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