A lot of people suffer from low libido. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to sex therapists, and they offered solutions, most especially as regard the right food to eat. 



What are the foods that boost libido?

Libido is the desire for sexual activity. It can be affected biologically, psychologically and by social factors. We have things that can help some people which do not help other people. Each person has what boosts them. Libido is natural but if a person starts looking for food and drugs that means something is wrong with the person. For young adults, they normally look for drugs to help boost their libido if they want to impress their partners. Older people too do it.

Our body naturally does what it has the ability to do, but we normally want to do what we can’t afford, that’s when we start looking for things to boost the libido. But as we grow older, it gradually reduces. But women enjoy the benefits more because they naturally have improved libido.

The average girl in Africa has the tendency of improved libido as she grows older.

What kills libido?

Imagine if one who had been sexually active and had some pressure at work, has a nagging wife who is complaining, the libido will drop and become worse. The libido will suffer if a couple have disagreement.

Hypertension medications too may cause low libido. There are psychological, biological and social factors, for example people lose their sexual urge as they get older, although this does not apply to everyone. We advice couples not to use harsh words on one another because when you are angry, you can’t perform well.

What do you consider a good sex life?

It is a situation where couples should meet half way. We have some people who are more active sexually than their partner. So, these people have to be patient for their partner to come up. When there is love, there is compassion, we are not the same in everything. Couples should talk to each other and manage each other.



What are the foods that boost libido?

There are no particular foods, but we know if we don’t eat well, that is, balanced diet, eat fruits, they can boost libido. Vitamins and vegetables are very good too.

What kills libido?

Stress, excessive alcohol, smoking and  malnutrition. Some are caused by medication for certain ailments like hypertension, etc. Others are caused by old age.

What do you consider a good sex life?

That’s an individual issue. It has to do with individual desire. Once two people are satisfied with one another, then it’s good.



What are the foods that boost libido?

Watermelon is good. It has 92 percent water, the remaining 8 percent contain phytonutrientcitrulline, which converts to arginine, an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels. Watermelon may help improve blood flow to erective tissues. A wide variety of vegetables and fruits are also good.

What kills libido?

As much as certain foods can boost it, some also affect it. For instance, liqourice is used in making candies, chocolates, some herbal teas and other beverages. It contains phyto-estrogen which affects the endocrine system. It lowers levels of testosterone, a hormone in both man and woman that strengthens sexual desire.

What do you consider a good sex life?

I don’t think there is a formula. A couple must be having regular sex, regular to some people means every day. To some, it is three times a week.



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