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‘Where we will spend Christmas’ – Celebs reveal

Christmas is here again! The season to share and be merry. The frenzy has already hit town with carols everywhere and beautiful decorations. It is a period many do not joke with, especially Christians who will be preparing very well for the celebrations.

After the Christmas celebrations, comes the New Year. Some celebrities ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with shared with us how they are going to spend the festive season and their most memorable celebrations….



For me, Christmas in few years back has been all work, and this year won’t be any different. We rest when other people are working, and work while others are resting.

I’ll be having an early Christmas meal with my family, then head out for an event around 3 in the afternoon. I’ll also be working on Boxing Day (26th), as well as 27, 28, 29. I think I’m free on 30. Then I have an event, a family get together, on January 1. That’s basically it.

My most memorable Christmas would be when my grandmother took all of us to Badagry beach when we were young, and bought us Fulani outfits which we all wore. That’s one Christmas I remember.


IK OGBONNA,  actor

I am celebrating Christmas with my wife and son, but we are not exactly sure where. Because of my crazy working schedule we can’t precisely plan destination yet. But I will definitely spend it in a peaceful family atmosphere.

Having your own family by your side  brings the whole Christmas euphoria to another level because we spice it up with so much gratitude and joy that I didn’t experience which makes it pretty much memorable. I’m feeling super blessed



I will be spending Christmas with my family and friends in Lagos… There’s no Christmas like a Lagos Christmas

My most memorable Christmas will definitely be when I was a kid. I remember the house really full and all the kids rushed down to open their presents and then we had this huge feast. It was the best.


BOB  MANUEL,  Anambra Gov. SSA on Creative Media,  actor

general and for me and my family especially. It is a time we look forward to being together.

As an Igbo, you realise that Christmas is a time when most people travel home in order to meet with family and loved ones, and also join in developmental projects.

I also try to let my children have a feel of life outside the big city, so they can understand life in rural areas; though my hometown, Ogidi, is not entirely a rural area anymore because development is catching on fast. It helps them understand the difference between life in a city like Lagos and the hometown. In a nutshell, I intend to spend Christmas with my family and my loved ones.

My most memorable Christmas would be in 2011, when I moved out of the family house in my country home and moved into mine. It was quite memorable.

Another memorable one was in 2003, when I spent Christmas with my family in USA for the first time, precisely in Connecticut. It was memorable because that was the first time the entire family would be spending Christmas outside Nigeria.


KOLASOUL,  artiste

Christmas is about sharing goodness, peace and happiness to as many as we can, and that’s what I intend to do, hence my #ufinelikeurmummy competition.

Every Christmas has been special. Singling one out as most memorable would be toning down the rest which won’t be fair because they have all been special.


EMMANUEL IKUBESE,  model,  actor

Christmas is when you get to spend quality time with family, it’s almost like an off time in the year when everyone comes back home. My siblings are in all parts of the country, so everyone gets to come back. But because of the nature of my work, it is also a time when there are a lot of events. I get to host shows, attend events, make appearances in several places and a whole host of others. It’s also a working period for me. So, I don’t get to take a break until after Christmas, precisely late January, when I take about a week or two off. Christmas is not a break time for me, I work but I still try to make out time to be with the whole family.

I think every Christmas has been great. It’s always a time when I look at the whole year and I’m grateful to God for a wonderful year.



I don’t deal with social life, I celebrate with motherless babies or widows. Then, back to my house

The last one my dad did on earth. I really enjoyed myself, never knew he was saying goodbye.



I really can’t remember when last I celebrated Xmas with friends and family. I chose a career that has no respect for any season, I’ve seen an actor who lost a child on a particular day and still went on set, I know one who also had a wedding and still went to shoot immedia-tely the pastor prono-unced the couple husband and wife. So, this year again I will be shooting from December 15 till like 28 or thereabout.

My most memorable Xmas was when I was a little child, can’t be precise about m. Mge, but I was quite young, my dad is a lover of children and he would do anything to make us happy in spite of his schedule. So, this particular year, he was busy on Xmas day, he couldn’t take us out himself but gave one of my aunts some money to go to a park then. We saw father Xmas, got several gifts and really I had fun with my siblings. That day keeps lingering in my brain till now.



I am spending Christmas most likely in my home state, Anambra with my entire family. There’s always something exciting to do. Every Christmas is memorable for me because it’s the only time my family including my extended family gets to come home and spend time together. Everyone is always busy through the year so, we don’t get to see each other that often. So, we always look forward to a big happy family reunion every Christmas.



I will celebrate both Christmas and New Year in Lagos with my family. We will visit fun spots and enjoy ourselves. Preparations have started already.

This year’s yuletide is special and it’s going to be the most memorable for me because my husband bought a new car (Toyota Corolla) for me on Thursday, December 10, 2015. That has been my best gift for the season since we married. I am very grateful to him for that.


KIKI OMEILI,  actress

I’ll be celebrating my Christmas in my village, Nimo in Anambra state with my family and relatives who will come to the village for Christmas as well. My most memorable Christmas was also in Nimo, in the company of family. I’m very family oriented, so any event that brings us all together is as memorable as it gets.



I am an afrocentric person. I don’t do what everybody does. Christmas is like every other day to me. I am an entertainer, I don’t have an holiday. I don’t celebrate Christmas. I am always at home. Two years back, I was on location shooting a movie. I can’t remember any memorable Christmas, maybe when I was baby.


FRANK OKAMIGBO, club operator

It’s a very fruitful period for me. I will be working in Lagos. My most memorable Christmas would be those old days when we went to my hometown, Arondizuogu in Ideato North, Imo state. When we the children will visit, mingle and merry with the other kids who we haven’t seen in a long while. We watch Christmas movies in the atmosphere of joy and love.


DAMI ANN,  Actress

I will be spending Christmas and new year with my lovely family, eating turkey and rice. I always go to church on new year’s eve then back home to continue eating and drinking with my family.

My most memorable yuletide was in the States for the first time. It was amazing as I spent time with my niece and nephew.



I am spending my Christmas here in Lagos with my family. I have always done so. Every December, I get together with my family because even though I am not smitten by festivities, both my parents share their birthdays on December 22 and December 24, and we usually have a big family cook-out. I doubt it’s happening, as the family is split, with three of my younger sisters living in the United States.

I doubt any of one of us is travelling back or forth for the rest of this year.

I can’t remember. It must have been ages ago, when I was a child and my grandparents were alive. We would travel to the village and my extend-ed family, cousins (first, second third) from different parts of the world would converge at my grandfather’s country home. Most of the grand children felt out of place, we couldn’t speak the Igbo language like the villagers. But it was also what united us. We were aje butters who loved the idea of visiting the murky village stream with its red sand. The 52 of us would sit awake long into the night, just catching up and playing pranks.

I have long since hung my boots over any excitement regarding Christmas. These days, I just get a cold chill at the mention of Christmas. Just an innate fear of how people over commercialize it. Jesus might be the reason for the season, but the season is to spend quality time with family members and loved ones. Not to show off to strangers, make material acquisitions or extort from others, if you get what I mean.



I am celebrating with my family in Togo. I will be going on vacation in Togo, Tanzania. It is basically going to be an African tour for two weeks. I have not had a memorable Christmas. I wish this one is going to be the best.


FRAGRANCE KAYOH, artiste,  actress

I’m celebrating my Christmas here in Lagos with friends and family. I really don’t have one in particular. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. The excitement surpasses all things that made every Christmas memorable.



I will spend Christmas in Lagos with my friends because my family members are not around at the moment. I will surely visit some places, including recreational centres and catch fun. But for the New Year, I will be travelling to United States of America to celebrate with my family. Every yuletide has been memorable. I give God the glory about that.



I am spending Christmas and New Year with my family and friends in Lagos. And we’re all preparing for that. We’re in the festive mood already. My most memorable yuletide was 2013, when I travelled to Port Harcourt to visit my sister. It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the period with her. .


SOLEK, Artiste

I am celebrating Christmas in London with my family. I used to enjoy Christmas as a kid when I was growing up in Ibadan because the environment was always buzzing and it was full of excitement and fun.


ESSENCE, artiste

I will be spending Xmas here in Nigeria with my family and loved ones. Every Christmas is memorable because I will never get to see that particular one again. So I cherish them all.


OMOBABA, Comedian

I will be spending my Christmas with my family this year in Lagos. It will be a different Christmas. My most memorable Christmas is always going for events on Christmas day. Nothing special, it’s always a busy day for me.



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