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‘Why I had a two in one event’ – She Baby

Actress Seyi Ariyo had a two in one event, 15years as an entertainer, the premiere of her latest movie, Emi ilu Eko some days back. The well attended event was a success by miles. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about the event.


Congratulations on the success of your event?

Thank you.

she baby 1

She Baby

How will you rate the success of your movie premiere and 15th anniversary?

It is the best so far among events that I have ever done. The turnout was massive. A lot of people showed their support. I received encouragement from colleagues and friends in the industry. I am very grateful to God. I am grateful to the sponsors, my friends and fans both within and outside the industry.

What was the essence of the show, some people believe it was done to raise money?

It was a two in one event. I celebrated 15 years in showbiz, I also had the premiere of my newest flick, Emi Ilu Eko. It was more of an anniversary and showcase of my newest effort, Emi Ilu Eko. It wasn’t put together to raise money. Though, I appreciate all the support that came with it. I just wanted to celebrate myself, launch out my new work.

Now that movies are not selling, what is the alternative?

We cannot say because movies are not selling, we should fold our hands and stop making movies. We have to continue, it is a challenge we must face and overcome. That is why it is good to have something to fall back on in times like this.

Tell us about the movie you premiered, the title, what inspired it?

Emi Ilu Eko (Spirit of Lagos), that is the latest from Shebaby Productions after the release of Itara Ife.

We learnt Pasuma shunned the event. Can you tell us he was not present?

I think people should stop their baseless rumour. He didn’t shun the event. He travelled and was to come back that same day. He also had a show for Aunty Ayoka that very day. I guess, he just couldn’t make it, not that he shunned it.

It was said that he didn’t turn up because Obesere was at the event, is it true?

No, that is not true. He never had issues with Obesere. He even bought some Ankara fabric from us, he bought 10 pieces of Ankara before the event. He had it in mind to come but, circumstances beyond his control prevented him from coming.

What are you most grateful for as you mark 15 years in the industry?

Gift of Life. The fact that I have been in the industry for that long. I thank God . I thank God that I am doing well, still producing movies.

What next should we expect from your stable?

Aye Alaye, Ayida (The Change). I want to say a big thank you to all our sponsors, Pepsi, Macdowell, Cybel. Lacasera, Viju, Reckitti, Apple Cosmetic, Indomie Noodles and Idee’s Stew.




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