‘I have not quit acting’, says Seyi Ariyo (She Baby)

Delectable actress, Seyi Ariyo is sure enjoying marriage and still rocking her career as well. She premiere a movie, Itara Ife a couple of weeks back, ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with her about it, marriage sundry issues…

You premiered a movie some weeks back, can you tell us about it?

Itara Ife is the title (zealous Passion) a pantomime movie, non-narrative not subtitled, a romantic non-dialogue movie was premiered recently. We have sponsors who really made the day a memorable one.

she baby4What inspired it and what is it all about?

I got a revelation through a dream I had some time back.

And I was inspired, very challenging due to the fact that from the beginning to the end of the movie no word was spoken.

Who are the cast and what is the movie all about?

We have lovely and talented cast on board, the likes of Femi Adebayo, Rycardo Agbor, Jaye Kuti,She Baby,Wazo, Leye Adenshile, Queen Oluwa. It was directed by Samson Adebayo and marketed by Toymax Holdings.

The movie is about love and ardent passion, to love is not a crime, maybe it is ardent passion. Richard began to suspect and accommodate unbridled thought towards his jealously guided relationship.

Evidences that seem to emphasize the authenticity of the cheating nature of his partner doesn’t help matters though untrue. Time ran out on Richard before the real picture was made clear to him, but not before many accidental deaths surfaced leading to the path of inevitable cruel judgment. It was shot in three countries.

Why a non-dialogue movie?

Communication is both verbal and non verbal, this is a new invention in Nollywood that Shebaby Productions have the privilege to pioneer.

How will you describe the reception so far?

The reception from those who have seen the preview is very encouraging.

Should we expect it in the cinemas soon?

It will soon be out on DVD.

Aside your new work, it has been long we heard about you, what happened, why the break?

I travelled to South Africa with Alhaji Jibola Pasuma to shoot a music video, Red Card that is why it seems I took a break, no, I have been working.

Give us an update about your music career?

So far so good, the music thing is going on too like I told you, I did a track with Alhaji Saheed Osupa.

she baby 1It was alleged that you have dropped acting for music?

That is not true, I am still very active, my last movie was premiered four weeks ago. And I am working on another movie entitled Ayida.

As an actress, what is your opinion about happenings in the movie industry where things are falling apart and the centre can no longer hold?

If we can come together as one as we have always been, we will stand, and in one voice, we will reach out to millions out there. There is power in unity.

Which caucus do you belong?

TANPAM (the change).

How is marriage treating you?

It has been God all through .Marriage has been so good. It is another institution entirely and I thank God for strengthening me, I also thank Him for the grace to be a good wife and a loving mother.

What informed your tattoos, what is the essence and significance to your career?

I did them a long time ago. The fact that I have tattoos doesn’t mean I am promiscuous. My tattoos are for fashion, no more.

With all the crazy tattoo, and hair do, is your husband not complaining?

I don’t have crazy tattoos. I have prayer, sunshine, stars on my neck. I did them over 13 years ago .My husband does not have issues with them.

Tell us about your family?

My husband’s name is Adetoyese Adewola. I met him in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state. He is a businessman. God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter who will soon be four.

Do you still get advances from male admirers, if yes, how do you handle them?

Sure they are there and I handle them in a lot of polite ways, though some can really be annoying at times.




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