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Why sex is no longer on our minds (2)

-Nigerian men’s bedroom secrets

The poor economic situation right now has affected Nigerians in many ways. And this, perhaps, has led to loss of libido, especially among the average ones. Some Nigerians, ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views also confirmed reduction in their sexual energy becausse of the harsh economy…



The harsh economy hasn’t affected me to that extent. I still have time to think and touch my wife. In fact, I make love to my wife and she doesn’t complain because I still perform my duties in the home as a man.



Is it when I am thinking of how to pay school fees and how to feed my family that I would be thinking about sex. It is like pushing myself. I haven’t eaten to my satisfaction and I want to be pounding my wife. It is not a good thing to do.



Once a man cannot meet the needs and demands of his household, sex would be the last thing on his mind.



The economic situation of the country hasn’t stopped me from moving close to my wife. It might not be like it used to but I still make love to my wife.



The harsh economy hasn’t affected me to that extent. I still have time to sleep with my wife. Why wouldn’t I do, who else will do it for me if not the owner of the place. The economy has not affected my sex life at all.



It is affecting it. I dare not move close to my wife or else I will earn a slap. I have not paid house rent and given her money for this year. Even if I am in the mood, I just pretend.



Of course, it is when a man has strength that he can climb a horse. I drank garri to bed last night. Where is the strength for sex. My wife has even stopped sleeping in my room.



The harsh economy should not affect libido. I have reduced love making to the barest minimum.



The economic situation is really affecting the urge for sex. Things are hard for those who don’t have money. It has extended to love making too.



The economy has affected my libido. There is no conducive environment and atmosphere to activate sexual activities. But right now my mindset craves for economic revival to sustain my scale of preference than leisure.



The harsh economy hasn’t affected libido. What does the economic problem have to do with my libido? If I want to have sex, I will willingly.



Yes, the harsh economy has affected my libido. I have a lot to think about. I have to meet my expectations as a husband and as a family man. I do not even think of sex even when my wife wants it. I will just sleep off.



The harsh economy has affected libido. A man who thinks of sex is someone who does not have something good to think of. Maybe all these young boys that are sagging their trousers, not the married ones. We are thinking of house rent, school fees, food to put on the table and other family members that need help. I cannot think of sex.



Seriously, it has affected virtally every aspect of life. A responsible man will only have urge for sex when things are going fine. Believe me, when you are not happy and frustrated, there’s nothing like libido. So, I will say it has affected libido.



To some extent, it has affected libido but not for everyone. You may think the situation of the economy is bad for you, while for others, they are enjoying it. So, I think the mood of every man determines his urge for sex.



For me, it hasn’t. I have a proper plan for me and my family. We have nothing to worry about. Though I believe if a man isn’t in a better mood, he might never have urge for sex.



What’s libido? I don’t even think about it these days with the current hardship. Everything is challenging. It has really affected libido, I must say.



Libido depends on the situation you find yourself. The economic hardship isn’t affecting everyone but for the majority that are affected I believe many won’t even think about sex because there is no money.



It is really affecting because I am not able to feed my family. If my wife asks for N5,000, it will be difficult for me to give her N1,500 and what leads to this body movement for sex is happiness. If there is no money, how would the happiness come.



I will not kill myself. I will try to make myself happy, and it’s by having sex with my wife. It does not affect me much.



It is really affecting libido. I need to put my family in good shape. After that I can now think of sex. Even if I try it, my wife will not agree.



The harsh economy has affected libido. It has not been easy for me to feed my family three times daily. They have resumed school now, I am still thinking of how to get money for fees and buy school books. Where is the time to think of sex?



Any man that tells you that the economy has not affected his libido must be rich. It means he has so much money because it’s only when things are going the way you want them that you will think about sex. The economy is affecting my libido..



Of course, the harsh economy has affected my libido. Everyone is just trying to make ends meet to survive for now. If we survive this hard time, we will have a good sexual life once again.



Yes, the harsh economy has affected my libido and I want to believe the situation is the same with other men too. Men have to think of how to put his family in good shape, only then can he think of sex. It’s not as if you won’t meet your wife at all, it’s just that things have changed compared to before when the economy was good.



The harsh economy should not be the reason for not enjoying your sexual life. We don’t have much time to spend. So, I think we should live as if there is no tomorrow. The economy has not affected my libido.



We don’t have to tell lies to each other. We all know things are not so easy now. A man that is able to feed his family three times daily is a king. There is no how the situation won’t affect the libido. That’s just the fact.



My libido doesn’t depend largely on the economic situation of the country. Sex is a thing of the mind. It comes usually, once in a while. I don’t really fancy sex. I only have sex once in a while. Although, one can’t rule it out totally that when you have money, you become happier. And your body system is equally gingered. But naturally, I am the type that doesn’t like sex that much.

So, my libido rises when I feel like which is not always.



The economy is really terrible now, and that has changed the situation of everything. Now, I don’t even think of sex at all. But as a human being, it occurs to me once in a while but that’s not my priority at the moment. I think more of school fees now that children are back to school. Even to feed my family now is very tough for me. So, I have kept libido to where it belongs now. Maybe when the economic situation of the country rises, my libido will pick up again.



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