Applause for Ambode as he completes pedestrian bridge at Berger bus stop

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State has completed the construction of a pedestrian bridge at Berger Bus stop along Lagos/Ibadan expressway. Disclosing the news he said “The pedestrian bridge at Berger bus stop, along Lagos/Ibadan expressway has been completed and is now open for use.”

Recently ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to Lagosians about the new development and they applauded Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for this good work.



I feel great about it. It is not easy to cross the expressway at times but with this bridge, you can cross as many times as you want. Governor Ambode should carry on the good work.



Governor Ambode has been making us proud, he is one of the best governors in Nigeria. You don’t know the number of lives he has saved by building this bridge. God bless Governor Ambode.



I feel very good about this new development. This is the second APC man I really respect, he is really working and showing Lagosians the change we want. Kudos to him.



I feel great that the bridge has finally been completed because I have witnessed a number of horrible accidents along that road. I keep wondering if it is difficult for the government to construct a pedestrian bridge for the safety of the masses.

But I thank God those days are finally over now.



I am happy about this new development but I have a problem which is the size of the bridge. It is too tiny and will be congested like that of Ojota considering the population in Lagos state. With it, I am happy he has even done something



I feel good about the bridge but considering the volume of human traffic expected on the bridge, this is a substandard project to me. And still some Nigerians will applaud this. This is another means of picking pocket and stealing.



This is a great effort because I can remember some of the accidents that I have witnessed on this road. it was a very bad experience, so I am really happy about this development, at least the government of Ambode have realized they has to save lives because it is important.



I am happy about this because people will not have to cross the express road anymore like me. I work around Ibafo area and I know what it feels like crossing the express, it is like carrying your life in your hands. So, I am happy about it.



Ambode has done a good job, for me I will not praise him like others will do because he is doing what we voted him for. So, I am happy he is working.



I am happy about what Ambode is doing in Lagos state, at least people will not have to cross the express, even the new bridge around Anthony and Gbagada area. The last time I passed through that route, I saw that people had already started using the bridge. I am really impressed with what he is doing and I hope he will do more.



There is nothing special about what Governor Ambode has done because this is what his predecessors should have done but they ignored it. So, he realized a necessity and he did it.



I am happy about this but I hope this is a standard bridge not the type that will last till his reign is over and the bridge will begin to have one fault or the other. But I am happy about this.


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