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Fayose extra: ‘I won’t stop criticizing Buhari’

Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose has justified attacking President Muhammadu Buhari, insisting his myriad criticisms are for the good of Nigeria and its people. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, April 3, 2016, via his Special Assistant on Public Communication and News Media, Mr. Lere Olayinka, the governor explained that his criticism of Buhari is to help the people of Nigeria get dividends of democracy.

Adding that if everybody is silent, it will lead to having a dictator in every leader which will eventually weaken or outrightly scuttle our democratic institution.

“What normally gives birth to dictatorial governance is lack of consistent and constructive criticism of public office holders. His criticism of Buhari is to help the people have dividends of democracy. If nobody is talking because they are afraid, you will have a dictator in every leader. It’s to keep people on their toes for the love of everybody. Everything Governor Fayose has said about the President is backed with facts and figures. The governor is not just being critical of Buhari’s administration for nothing sake or out of personal hatred. He didn’t start today but before the elections of 2015. So, it’s not as if he started attacking the President today. Remember he told Nigerians not to vote for him.

“Governor Fayose was a young man of 24 or 25 when Buhari was a military Head of State. The Yoruba will say, ‘If you have taken a medication that works for you, please give me.’ But we took a medication that kills. Anybody that’s 40 today that voted for Buhari doesn’t know Buhari because from 1984 to date is 32 years. If there was a guy of eight then, he won’t say he knows Buhari clearly. So, add that eight to 32, that’s 40. That means they voted for a man they never knew. So, if you consider people from the age bracket of 18 and 40 and remove their votes from Buhari’s votes, you would realize that he wouldn’t have won the election.

“Therefore, Governor Fayose’s criticism of Buhari is based on his genuine love for Nigeria and its people. The last time he criticized the President for keeping silent on the Fulani herdsmen’s killing of over 400 Agatu people of Benue State, the President quickly issued a press statement condemning the killing.

“In the opinion of Governor Fayose, someone must stand up against tyranny because all Nigerians cannot keep silent in the face of the brazen abuse of human rights and contempt for court orders, and that’s exavtly what the governor is doing.”

On Governor Fayose’s alleged assault on the famous Islamic cleric, Alhaji Muyideen Bello at an award ceremony in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, a couple of days back, Olayinka denied any incident of such between the governor and the popular preacher saying, “There’s nothing like that. It’s not true.”


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