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He’s still filthy rich! Read Nigerians’ hilarious reactions to Otedola losing $500m

Nigerians have received news that Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola lost more than $500 million of his personal fortune over the last 9 weeks with humour, with many confident that he will bounce back very soon.

His fortunes nosedived as the stock price of Forte Oil, his company, shed off 43.5% in value within the stated period.


Read what Nigerians have to say about it…


Logician – People read but don’t comprehend. In a nutshell, the guy is in the process of getting richer. He knows what he is doing. I’m sure he is even the one mopping up the bonus shares below 200naira. After the mopping up the share could hit 400naira and his net worth would be reviewed

omoadeleye – Wow… $400million shocked me that just mistakenly lost 2k today, i dont know maybe i should be giving myself hope or something else, lolz. Dont knw how tomao gon be… But your money is too much baba, may God replenish your loss sir.

youngeagle – This is not funny…because he is a billionaire that’s why they noticed,they should come and carry out such evaluation on the millionaire and thousandnair they will cry for my dear country.

moredollar – Who Otedola epp?

zonax – The comments here though. Every …..can attest that he (Otedola ) is just being a wise businessman and investor. Investors selling out of panic, baba Otedola buying calmly (certainly using others) which he will resell to those same people at even higher share prices when they get over their frenzy (cashing in), increasing his portfolio and creating even greater wealth. Only few will understand.

mmsen – This man has lost and gained fortunes before – he’ll be fine in the long term. I’m sure he’d be better off they’d pass the PIB.

ibraheemlamar – I dont knw how you feel ryt nw mehn n I dnt care to know…i just love dat ur daughter cuppy

KINGDOS – Thanks to Buhari now killing business with economic terrorism and killing people with political herdsmen. Sai baba my foot!

tosan200 Chai!! why am in the same country with this people, look at them blaming Buhari. Bloody educated illiterates. Otedola i salute you.

ghands – You will bounce back stronger than ever in Jesus name. May God restore all that the locusts and cankerworms has eaten. See you at the top.

Deepfreezer – as at Febuary 2015 his company hit all time high success and growth. fast forward today. $400million lost and investors/ share holders are scared. everybody now want to pocket their money all because one incompetent Nigerian is in power. shame to zombies.

davidque007 – Why is everyone shouting that he has lost plenty money as if he has become broke. The guy is still worth $1.2 billion dollars and he can easily gain that money back in the same way he lost it.

jtwest – God lemme too reach the stage where I will lose $400m in 9 months and I will still have enough wealth that I won’t be moved. No high blood pressure.

charix – Not my business in any way. He’s still filthy rich.

KELECHUKWU89 – Wetin conchai me? When e dey gain e dey let us know? Like say d tin go mk am poor mtchew

back2sender – Did he play baba ijebu with the money? Baba ijebu don finish many people ooo for this naija, The thing dey convert big man to poor man

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