How celebs would spend Christmas (2)

The yuletide is here. And Nigerian celebrities are warming up for celebration this season.  They shared with us their plans for Christmas and New Year


I’m going to be working during Christmas. I have shows throughout. I have shows on Christmas and even on New Year, so it’s going to be a busy Christmas


We will be on the road throughout. There’s no Christmas for me, really. Christmas for me is shows, shows and more shows.


I have prepared for Christmas for long because by December 27, I will b laying my father to rest. That means, all roads lead to my village in Umuahia, South LGA for the final rites.

I will be celebrating in the village this year after a long time because my job always requires me being in Lagos to anchor events et al. For New Year, I may be rushing back to Lagos but Christmas will definitely be in Abia state.


Christmas, for me over the past few years has been a routine but this year, I would like to do something different by giving myself a treat. Get myself new Christmas stuff, attend events and have a good laugh, have drinks and barbeque with friends but most important, I am hoping for the best.

I really do not know, but definitely in Lagos. If work comes in-between the celebration, Christmas will have to wait.


Nothing much really. I will be preparing for a little get-together with my family.  I will be celebrating Christmas with my kids, then Dubai for the New Year without the kids.


I will be celebrating Christmas in Lagos, a family reunion and sharing quality time with the family.


I will be spending my Christmas with my family and will be travelling to Port-Harcourt.


I may celebrate Christmas with my family because I will likely be at work during the period.


I am preparing for Christmas despite my work on set. I will be celebrating my Christmas in Nigeria with my family and some of my fans. I can’t say for now where I will be celebrating the season.


I will be celebrating my Christmas and New Year with my family at home.


It will be a big festive period for me and my family. Aside Christmas day, December 26, which is Boxing Day, I have chosen to celebrate my son’s birthday. It will be his first time in Nigeria since birth.

I usually celebrate my Christmas at my big mom’s house before I got married and after my marriage I celebrate my Christmas in England or Americas. But this year’s Christmas, I will be celebrating in Nigeria with my family.


I am planning to go to Dubai with my wife and son.


I am preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s a moment we all have been waiting for, and it’s very much around the corner now. I will be spending the period in Lagos with my family and a couple of friends.


We’re almost through with the preparations for Christmas and New Year celebrations. We have shopped for a lot of things that will take care of that.

No doubt, this year’s festival will be more colourful than the previous one. I will celebrate with my family and friends and a couple of my staffers in Lagos. We will all live to be part of the fun and merriment of the season.


We are likely going to spend the festive period in Lagos. But we would definitely have fun here.


I usually have shows during the festive period. And this year is even more engaging than ever. Despite the shows, I have made plans for my family. I think they would be travelling to the East while I face my shows. In all, we all are going to have a good treat.


Preparation for Christmas is going on well. I will be celebrating Christmas in Lagos with my husband and kids. We are also taking the kids out to have fun.


Unfortunately, I haven’t planned anything for the holidays. I wouldn’t be having a holiday and enjoying the season with family. Instead I am buried in work preparing for my album, 1960 which we have fixed to be
dropping January 14th. I’m really excited about it and my fans having been so supportive, promoting and campaigning for me throughout social media. It’s a beautiful thing to have people support you like that.

They are the ones I do the music for in the first place and the support shows they understand that, they acknowledge it and they would do what they can to be a part of this. It would be a very enjoyable time nonetheless, and I hope everyone enjoys their holidays no matter what they’re up to.


I will be spending Christmas with my family, because I hardly see them. And the rest of the time is for studio, working on my next single, just taking my time to give my fans what they want


I will be spending this Christmas with my family in Lagos. I will be celebrating with my foundation, the Jewel Empowerment Foundation.


Preparing for Christmas and New Year is same as always. It is always a busy time for me. There is always one event or the other I have to attend. But I always make time to be with the people that matter to me the most, my family.

I will be with my family wherever they are. If they decide to spend it here in Lagos, that is where I will be. If it’s in my hometown, that is where I will be. I will probably go for the Calabar Carnival too


Christmas is good to celebrate. We are marking our Lords birthday it’s awesome, Still don’t know where I will be, maybe Lagos.


I would be visiting fun spots, maybe a ranch. I will be at the Calabar carnival to catch fun and relax. Also, I will be spending time with the family, basically just counting down to the new year.




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