Is early marriage advisable? (2)

Early marriage has become more or less a trend in the country as young ladies now go into matrimony without looking back. Some think after tertiary education, marriage should come next while others feel when their guys are ready, no need to waste time.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of Nigerians, who reveal to us their take about early marriage.


MARIAM SHOBOWALE – I so much support early marriage. I personally have the motive of getting married as early as possible. A young lady shouldn’t be flaunting her style around with different kinds of men. Instead, she should stall stick with someone and talk about marriage. So, I support the idea. It’s good.


MRS. BUNMI AKINSANYA – Early marriage is a good thing but teenage pregnancy is a ‘NO’ for me. If you know the value of marriage and you go into it probably at 23 or 24, it’s a very good idea. Just that it’s not for lazy people. Before thinking about marriage, you need to have a reliable source of income in other to sustain the family and maintain the marriage.


OLAWALE PETER – There is nothing bad in getting married early. In short, I see it as the best thing for couples who understand each other with a standard source of income. Instead of hanging out with multiple partners, the best thing is to stick with one and get married. I think it pays.


SHERIFF BELLO – Early marriage is advisable any day and anytime. It is a welcome idea like I used to tell my brother who’s still doing guy. The best decision a young man should make in the early stage of his life is getting married.


WALE AKINPELU – It is very advisable, early marriage is a good thing both for boys and girls not just girls alone, marriage is not an easy task but I always support early marriage any day and any time.


DAMILOLA AFUWAPE – I support the idea because marriage is not about age. Rather it is about maturity. I both parties are matured and are stable income wise and are understanding and comfortable, why not go for it, it will even help the children self.


MISS RASHEEDAT – It is advisable because you would have done everything you want to do. You would have had all your children and wait for the dividend to begin to manifest.


OLARENWAJU – Yes, I do support early marriage because the person will reap the fruit of his or her labour on time. For example, it takes a child 25 years to become a graduate after birth so if a man gives birth at 50 years, add another 25 years to his life, when will the man eat the fruit of his labour and reap his investment. So, I will advise early marriage.


MISS AMATA MATILDA – Yes, I support early marriage. I have a friend who married early and we were laughing at her but now she is enjoying her marriage and for me, I have a baby I’m nursing, so I really support early marriage.


AYOBAMI – Yes, I do because early marriage is a wonderful experience. Most time I advise my sisters that it is not about the wealth and lifestyle of the man, I have seen a situation whereby a poor young man married in his twenties and the marriage opened doors for him. Right now, he is a transformed person, so, it is not about how far but how well.


MISS BILQUIS – Yes it is very much advisable and I am also planning to get married early because I want to watch my children grow with my husband and raise a lovely family that even though I am out with my children, it will be hard to identify me as the mother.


BOLATIFE AHMED – Early marriage is good, very, very good. I got married at age 25 and I have 3 children. Now I am 32 years old and when I look at my children I have this great joy in my heart. I am working and same as my husband but my children can take care of the house without having to do too much. That is the joy of early marriage.



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